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  • Well, you certainly know what shading is and how to use it properly. I'm definitely giving you props for that, because you'd be surprised how many budding pixel-overists underuse it to such a degree that it seems criminal. Yours is spot on, and you even accounted for that one white spot in the dark blue! So you're definitely not a n00b anymore. A bit of highlight on the very top of his head wouldn't hurt, though.

    The outlines need to have some highlights on them, as well. This is mandatory in most pixel-overs. The shapes are great; but all black is not desirable.

    One nitpick I have is the placement of the eyes in relation to the mouth. Either that, or the placement of the mouth in relation to the eyes. I'd like to see the original image to be able to fully critique on this, so I won't do too much about it now.

    As for the tail, it's also hard to judge without seeing the art, but judging from just your average Spheal it should really just be a stub coming out from almost under the body.

    So show me that artwork. I need to see that in order to be able to C+C to the best of my ability. But this is still good, and I'm not just saying that for sympathy. You really do have potential, and you will get better. Don't underrate yourself.
    I'll be on tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern time. I'll be on a while after that so I think we can get some battles done if you can be on around that time.
    Okay. Don't rush, just take your time to make them look as good as you think they need to be. Don't try to outdo anybody (That'll more often then not make them come out worse); just make them as good as you possibly can.
    Hey dude, do you have Wifi?

    If so, would you mind helpin' me trade like,
    4 PKMN over to silver?
    Okay...If it's not yours, then why did you show me? I'd like to see something made by you. And if it's easier to wait for a tuorial, then I understand. I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing it though.

    And you're always welcome to scrutinize my pixel-overs in my thread. I like to hear comments and critiques.
    ...that's not funny.

    The Snorlax isn't crap! It's actually good for a beginner at pixel-overs! But the main things I see are as follows: First, dithering. There's far too much of it in the sprite. What I would suggest is making a new shade to go in between them rather than cross-hatching them. Secondly, where is the outline around his arms and shoulders? It needs to have the dark blue outline with black pixels at the very tips. Lastly, there needs to be a bit of shading colors on the eyes, so that they blend in with the skin and look natural on his face. This is called anti-aliasing, and is used to make things look natural rather than pixelly and 2-D.

    Please, show me more! When I have some time, I'll make a full tutorial and post it somewhere for all to see. For now, I'll be happy to critique every single one you make individually. Really; it's not a problem.
    Okay, first of all, define crap. I can't really help until I see what the problems are. Perhaps showing me a pic or two via PM? (Not sure if you can do pics in a VM, but try that if it's easier to continue this conversation.)

    But as for tips and tricks, there's not really anything I can tell you that's not a "duh" thing, like keeping a second copy of the artwork you're pixel-overing close at hand for references in shading or outlines. I'll see what else I can do once I take a look at your work.
    Thanks. As for the Legendary, a HP Grass Moltres is really all I need you to do. I mean, it isn't too much difficulty to get good Natured Legendaries with good IVs although it is time consuming to say the least. Its really the Hidden Power ones that are problematic. The IVs for a 70 base power HP Grass Timid Moltres are 31 HP / 2 Atk / 31 Def / 30 Sp. Atk / 31 Sp. Def / 31 Spe.
    Again, I wasn't on then.

    I'm available now for Ubers and OU. Mah UU team still needs testing, and my LC/NU teams need to be made.
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