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  • hey there just letting you know the that the weather tournament has started good luck and have fun ^_^
    No, that's alright, just said you're off the team is all.

    New job is good news though! Congrats with that - what is it? And where?
    G'day, been a while
    1) Played any Eternal Throne?
    2) Enjoying Sun & Moon?
    3) Thoughts on Rogue One?

    Merry Christmas old friend
    I am doing alright just been playing pokemon go which btw got my photoshop back so my art shop is back up ^_^ which I noticed sweet may got demodded didn't notice it until I went back in my thread and saw no more red on her username >.> but yeah been doing alright being more active now on the forums once again which need to start doing my sewing for cosplays since I got a convention coming up in like november in my home town.
    awwww snap Archangel ready to battle in a tournament XD I got a update of the post in my stalker activity log thing lol how are you?
    okay ^_^ thats how the art shop goes as well as long as its a update by the owners/workers its alright which has to be related to the thread topic. I understand I just wanted to make sure I follow the rules correctly.
    hey arch quick question I noticed the rules say "owners" only can post updates which I take it considered a bump right? I was curious because I was not sure if I can update bump as well. I am taking it as I can't since I am not the thread owner right? I don't want to get in trouble with the rules thats why I asked. i know the art shop section runs a tiny bit different thats why I asked.
    oh wow really and I work about the same as well >.< I actually got two days off because of working six days straight. I am glad to be back on the forums now plus need to get that photoshop downloaded asap so I get some banners done in my art shop >.>
    thanks arch for the post transfer and fast ^_^ decided to get back to the trade forum and help people out again :3 how are you doing btw? I kinda went on a hiatus from pokemon and serebii plus busy with life.
    Hey, Arch. Like I already stated in the last part of this post; I wanted to thank you and a lot of people. So here it goes! Thank you very much for maintaining the competitive section of the forums (along with a few other mods and/or admins), and mostly thank you for approving my guild when I submitted it! Truly appreciated and all. And much thanks for being one of the cool guys on here, plus a big thanks for keeping an eye on a lot of things on the Forums of Serebii. Thank you!!
    I'm doing great! And it seems Legends Untold is blooming more whenever a day has passed. We're adding a lot of things and keep the updates coming, the staff and I discuss a lot about guild-related business via our FaceBook group chat we have in our private messages, we got several more members. And I get a lot of nice words and compliments about the work I have done so far. That, and we build up pretty quickly, almost having a complete War Team ready, we only need some substitutes and are planning to train all together as preparation for an upcoming War that eventually may happen; maybe. And in the real life everything seems to be okay and cool as well! I'm very excited about opening this event we are very busy with; The Trials of Arceus, an competitive event that will play a big role in our guild. It is a very promising thing I worked really hard for, and it's almost ready to be fully published on the first page of our guild. It already has a post claimed, but currently just shows one art piece so far. The other information about it is a secret for now, though.
    I like the owl the most of them so far, and then the cat. Less fond of the sea lion. However, I am trying not to get too attached because we don't know what their evolutions look like, and that's fairly important, haha.

    I enjoyed the reveal, and also just chatting to people while waiting for it and then talking/writing about it afterward. Always fun. =)


    Earlier this year I saw a band who I first found on youtube - neat they happened to be based in Sydney as well. =) They played jazz versions of VG music! :B

    =( Hang in there!
    We all need a break from the routine. @_@

    Cool with the music festivals. I haven't been to many live gigs tbh, probably something I should address (but then I was living away from the city until last year, and some are crazy pricey).
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