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  • If femm started it i doubt im welcome i know she hates me as well as red who im sure is in there to i dont want to start drama
    Awwww im sorry about your clan, i feel i bad i should of came by more...... Let me know if you start aother one ill be like super active!!!

    and nevermind about tin tower lol i dont think id be welcome maybe ill start to challenge regileague more lol ok well im out byes
    Thats like totaly what makes you awesome tho!!!!

    im going to work now got to leave like 5 mins ago XD but we need to battle soon i miss you so let me know what days and when we can have a match bye goke! *hugs*
    Thats my point, i know red wants me gone and he wants serris in my spot. I hears he going to talk with crazey to get me kicked if it goes down that way ill just find a new clan lol or make chaos my perminent clan, whats up with the tin tower thing in ur sig?
    Its cool ill get over it im just being a girl all emotional and **** ......its not a biggy crazie is back now anyways so i wont have to worry about reds crap anymore if crazie wants me gone he will do it if not then ill stay all there is to it. thanks for defending me tho.....your like the only one who did and your not even in the clan your awesome goke
    No hes a jerk.....and no one even defended me or said anything to him until i pointed out that no one said anything .......makes me feel like no one even cares.
    o she decided to make her own community, that's awesome, I wish you guys luck on that, well goku its nice talking to you, I'm off for now cya =)
    wow, 1 day, that sucks for people who can't always be there everyday. What this tin tower thingy in your sig.
    that explains a lot, I took break from pokemon to play other games, and I finally decided to get back into it, you guys really love regi league, I went there just to see it decided not to join it, I guess I never really saw the point of going there >.>
    I got better after every DC xD
    The second I hit Roost I went ._. , Roost nullifies the Flying Type, making Score Pure Ground *headdesk*
    You did well =)
    /scruffle hair
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