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  • Sounds like a good weekend. =) What is Austin like? I am somewhat ignorant with what different places in America are like.

    Same old with work. Finishing off (another) paper draft for uni, but always more to do. Last weekend has a public holiday attached so I went to visit family, and before that caught up with a friend from high school. =)
    Hey mate, hows things? All good here, won a PC & MSS on the weekend which locked up my Worlds invite - looks like I'll be going to San Fran in August.
    you welcome and will do ^_^ and yes the most recent I hatched is a 5iv modest competitive love ball shiny igglybuff ^_^ which I already ev trained her and she ready for battle for PU battles ;) I really need to get into the vgc doubles I am interested in that actually ^_^
    sorry for the late response was trading with my AS game with someone trying to get the shiny charm to increase my odds of finding shinies XD I am not sure if I told ya I am a shiny hunter which trying to mm competitive shinies for my wifi teams :p and that is great your doing good which I am glad ^_^ I never watched that before but as well glad you got time to watch it ^_^ Oh also I forgot to tell you I like your edward forum avatar ^_^ my boyfriend knows the show pretty good which I only watched a few of brotherhood episodes with him but show seemed pretty good ;)
    I just now realized looking at your profile your the same age as me LOL how are you doing arch? ^_^
    That is some of the oddest pairings I've ever heard. Not in a bad way just really odd. I wish you the best with your degree. I know that must be tough. I feel the same about Kylo. He was easily my favorite character in the whole movie. He's so complex. He had really character and real depth to him. And I just might! It's just gonna end up being costly which is the main problem.
    Yeah I get you. You've been working too? I love Kylo Ren by the way. I've been thinking of cosplaying as him at New York Comic Con this year. Well I'm gonna try to. It would be the first time I've ever cosplayed.
    Lmao. You had the best reference I could possibly think of. I knew calling you that would get some sort of reaction. I've been pretty good. Can't complain. Just usual like stuff. School semester just started for me this past Monday so I'm really just doing that at the moment. How have you been? It really has been a long time since we last spoke. I trust everything has been well for you.
    came runner-up at an elevated PC on the weekend - before the final my opponent said this:

    "Good Luck, May the Weather be with you."

    Pretty much sums up VGC 16 lol

    Did I tell you my crystal save got corrupted when I was trying to save the mons on it to Stadium 2? Yeah......
    I loved the 'repair montage' in chapter 4 (mainly HK's scenes). Also love how they've given Vitiate some much needed character development, he was way too one-dimensional up until 4.0, It's good that he's less-Nihilous and more-Sidious now.

    Also I thought dark-Jaesa was psychotic, but Vaylin makes Jaesa look stable!
    Up to date with Rebels, Arrow & Flash. Finished playing through with a Vig Guardian and will use it for 4.0, but otherwise haven't done too much with other alts
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