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  • As thorough as ever X).

    Setting modesty aside I believe I have the skill, and ever since I was promoted to pokesage on NintendoWorlds (basically a guru/and official TO) I've been honestly trying to work on my attitude. I think I've come quite aways from when we first met when I was under Jeyres umbrella. I realize you can't be bias, favor me over anyone else, so any good word you put in is appreciated.

    Regarding pokemon I'm comfortable using, again being a pokesage at the nintendo forum, I'm obligated to familierize myself with all tier metagames, and all types so comfort doesn't have much to do with it, its the learning experience thats emportant to me.
    Thank you for stepping in with your swift hand of justice, I don't blaim you for not wanting to hunt down the posts. I searched for the blacklist to report him but I couldn't find it x_x. Where'd you move it. And sorry I don't mean to call you like a dog on a leash i just wanted it to end and it seemed to make the point well enough.
    g'day mate.

    Sidenote: Would you even consider me for an OSL gym leader position? I know I can be a pain, I don't try to be :(. If you would where do I go to sign up. I was thinking of getting creative and doing a Normal Gym. Don't think its been done has it?

    note2: Does my sig break any rules for size, image count etc. Also I know lopunny is kind of "revealing" but it seemed to match the clan name.
    Hey lol I was a dumbass and thought you were Ragnarok cuz I saw him as a poster of an osl gym. silly me, anyway I left a message for you on his profile could you check it out at your convenience please?
    (I would cut and paste but that technology is to advanced for the wii lol)

    Sorry about that X_X
    Hey, check out BB 2 when you get a moment, McGinnis is just as badass as Wayne when it comes to dealing with the JL
    Just VMing you to tell you Apple made a bunch of fake screenies about me by stealing my name, and my avatar.
    Sorry to bother you like this, but I'm your first round pick for the Partners in Crime Tourney. I'd usually private message this, but for whatever reason, it appears that no matter how many times I send -.-"" It won't send lol. So well, I'm ready whenever you are. My friend code is 2279 3779 6630. I can't wait for our battle! BTW grrr FTW lol :p
    Ok, how many points do you need to be... banned or whatever happens when you get too many points?

    PS I love invader Zim
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