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  • hello patman noticing you haven't been on since october of last year and you been inactive for the league I will have to vacate your position as a gym leader of tef league if you like to reply at some point when you feel you be ready to be active again I am sure we can welcome you back :3 thanks for being our leader for a short time :3
    It hasn't been done yet, the shop where I normally get it from had no open slots left so I couldn't request anything. I will, however, be able to request it soon. Also, just to clarify, what leader/pokemon did you want again?
    It was offline. He was literally sitting ten feet away from me when we battled. I gave him the badge and win and I dont know what the problem could be. I told him not to use talonflame cause I battle him all the time and the only reason he wins is cause of its priority and I want to see if he actually has strategy besides let me win with talonflame all the time which proves not a lot of thought. I was just trying to make it entertaining but if the battle HAs to be on wifi then we have to rematch according to the rules. I AGREED TO do a 2/3 OFFLINE because his wifi was down at his house lol and thats that. I dont know why he tries to make me act like a bad guy but if he wants to do that I dont have to give him that badge but he won just tell him plz to clean up his attitude as he just does this to make me look bad
    also what do you mean offline did you battle him while you were not on serebii is that what you mean as well as not on wifi doesn't make since to me atm because if you used showdown you would have to have wifi internet to get on pokemon showdown. Anyway like I told your friend as well all battles are done by using smogons recent banned list oras/xy ban list which talonflame with gale wings isn't a banned combination according to smogon. As long as you both follow this ban list you should be fine. also as well as if the battle disconnect you must re challenge with the exact same time as well as both the leader and challenger have to send out the same pokemon you did before. I think you guys might want to try to settle it somehow with you guys to make peace before getting on each others nerves ;)

    edit: oh and one of the battles goes through the one battle is the battle that counts and whoever wins counts as the gym battle if initiated as it was a gym battle of course ;) my league doesn't do best out of three sadly....
    Now that you're the new TEF Steel Leader, I'd like to schedule a Challenge against you.
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