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Sep 14, 2014
Dec 13, 2010
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paulfalcon was last seen:
Sep 14, 2014
    1. Zibdas
      Geez, when AREN'T you on the 3DS? lol.
    2. aclover
      heh heh. NAWT MEE!
      [Insert troll face here]
      it looks insaneley good though, aswell as paper mario, mario kart, super mario 3DS and (hopefully) a Majora's mask re-make :3 and pokemon Grey/RSE-Makes.
      im just playing my white, spending hours outside pinwheel forest, hunting for a shiny tympole, not even defeated Lenora yet! ;3
    3. aclover
      haha, it's short for animal crossing ;) or it is just a clover(the little grassy things!)
      okay, hooray, first 3DS friend!
      I knoww, I think i got heat exaustion on monday, slept for 2 hours after I got home from schhol, im still burning up and de hydrated :'(
    4. aclover
      hi, im aclover, just call me ac. um, I added your 3DS Fc, and heres mine:
      1332-7698-4772 - Duncan
      I regiistered your name as Paul, seeing as the QR code in your sig has paul-san named in it. :)
    5. paulfalcon
      Ah, okies. I'll be sure to accept. And thanks for the heads up. ^.^
    6. Eternalserenity
      My second house already sent you a friend request. I started distributing Lum Berries today.
    7. paulfalcon
      Well, the name sounds a bit funny. XD But, I agree, the game is fun. ^.^
    8. Zibdas
      Gigglesnort at Face Raiders? It's fun. And addicting.

      But mostly addicting.
    9. Zibdas
      Out of curiosuty, what did it say?
    10. Zibdas
    11. Zibdas
      I added you on my 3DS.
      My FC: 22776710-4622
    12. Eternalserenity
      All right. See you in the Dream World. But not today 'cause I already played at 2.
    13. paulfalcon
      Nice! I'll be sure to grab one. ^.^ Thanks in advance.

      Ah, true. Well then, I'll just request it again. XD
    14. Eternalserenity
      I think your original request became invalid because a week passed after you first made the request.

      Also; keep close watch on my share shelf. I will be distributing Lum Berries in about sevenish days.
    15. Eternalserenity
      I'll tell you what; I'm thinking of letting one of my less active Dream Pals go. If you Dream Pal request my island with the Modern House again I'll accept.
    16. Eternalserenity
      Are you actually Dream World member loloshawut?
      I believe I know you.
    17. taggarung
      Hi we exchanged friend codes, but I changed over to my new 3ds and so I have a new fc it is 3482 2440 2938 and my game name is denya, I hope you will re-add me, sorry for the inconvenience :)
    18. LDSman
      Added you!
      1978 9541 6902 Eben
    19. twharf@yahoo.com
      Added your friend code please ad me
      Game pokemon black
      Trainer name Thomas
      Friend code 3696 9415 2122
    20. taggarung
      Hey, I added your fc to roster, i hope that's ok :)My fc is 1334 7036 0176 and my game name is denya
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    PM me when you add me so, I could add you back. ^.^
    Pokemon Black: Name - Paul FC - 1549-5068-1231
    Dream SN: loloshawut
    3DS FC: 1160-9721-3508
    BW Pokedex Status: 646/649
    Pokedex 3D Status: 155/168