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  • They're GBA save files and I'm not sure how to use my R4 to play GBA games, so I just use them with an emulator called VisualBoyAdvance.
    I do have quite a few event save files, assuming you're referring to GBA save files? I don't think there's anything you can offer for them really though as they're quite valuable. But on save file I have: complete GCEA fukuoka/nagoya/osaka/sapporo/tokyo/yokohama, complete JEREMY set, ageto celebi, some hadou mew/regirock/regice/registeel, festa metang, rocks metang, comeplete 10 ANIV set, loads of Rubii/Safaia zigzagoon, tanabata jirachi 40707/50707/60707, negaiboshi jirachi, sunday wobbuffet, MATTLE Ho-oh, pokepark mew/celebi/meowth, 625 unhatched pokebox skitty/zigzagoon/pichu/swablu (thanks to Aglid), 625 wishmkr jirachi (thanks to ShinySephiroth), over 40 unhatched PCJP03 bagon/absol/ralts/pichu, over 60 unhatched PCJP04 poliwag/oddish/meowth/bellsprout, and over 300 unhatched pokepark 2005. Plus Aglid's going to farm a CHANNEL save in all languages soon I think as well. My PCNY wish save is very suspect and I believe is hacked.

    I'm after PCNY and PCNY wish on save in particular.
    Just found out that Shiny HADOU Regice (Bashful), Shiny HADOU Registeel, and Shiny HADOU Regirock, all from DragonMaster26's shop, are all hacked.

    So yeah, I no longer have those three in my lists...

    Is there anything else in particular that you are looking for?
    Espeon (nicname: SunLight)
    Near Flawless (31 hp/ 30 the rest)/ lvl 100
    Moves: Trick, Signal Beam, Psychic/HP fighting

    Scizor (SCIZOR)
    FLAWLESS ev'd in 250 HP/252 ATK/8 SPEED (LVL56)
    U-turn,Night Slash, Super Power, Bullet punch
    Thanks pavak, figured it was about time I check it out again. Might set up a shop here with my partners when everything gets sorted out for that actually.
    I will send you a PM containing the list of Pokemon I would be willing to offer on this forum, not NeoSeeker. Is that okay with you that we continue the conversation over here? I will send you the list later today.

    EDIT: Could you also send me a PM containing the list of the Shin Sage Manapny, Korean Cinema Celebi, PCNY Staryu, and PCNY Cacturne as well?
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