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  • Hey, saw your post in the Friend Safari thread about having Swirlix. Would you be so kind as to add me? I have no idea what Pokemon are in mine (never checked with anyone before). My Friend Code is 4914-4093-5513.
    i want your larvitar if it has good ivsill trade you lucky egg(x2?) if its good and mudkip and treeco will be holding them
    Cool do you want both? My Wifi is ok at the moment. Plus i just used it to trade someone else.

    Give me a miute i need to swap games in my ds. I need to trade another thing quickly. Then i'll give you my code =]
    I have both Quiet and Adamant Female Dratini and they know Extremespeed, Outrage, Hyper Beam and Dragon Dance.

    I Don't care what you give me unless you have a spare Celebi but i don't expect you'd give me one of those =P

    Honestly i don't care, i'm trying to make sure they go to good people rather than going into released oblivion.
    hi,long time no see xD
    haven't been online that much. still training my team.
    might be ready this weekend if you are online for our battle :)
    my friend forces me to Ev-train her pokés (well,she bought me candy after all) so i haven't had much time to train mine ;___;
    well...i do have a Lugia..and 2 latias..i could gie you a Latias (named Latu,because i still want My Albel) :)
    otherwishe i can't give you my current Articuno,untill i restart on XD Gale of Darkness,im keeping Nopia and won't trade him. =/
    and i want the Steelix to be nicknamed Mud :p
    by the way,how did you find the Steelix? just a random encounter?
    (thats what i hope for,but with a Zubat) :3
    ive got tons of stuff i can trade for the feebas. i have starters from generation one and three, all fossils, lugia, ho-oh, mesprite, azelf, uxie, palkia, dialga. the lugia and ho-oh are shiny
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