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  • But then I'd argue that you could find humor in watching something as bad as it was. I'm not saying that school days was that thing, nor that Apathy in general is a good thing, but i do think it has it's place.
    It's the most realistic romance anime i've seem thus far. Heck, it's one of the most realistic romantic works of fiction. Alternatively you could watch Little Busters! Did I mention i love Little Busters? Because I really love Little Busters!

    That doesn't make the cut then. Us azns have to be perfect academically!

    You could watch 1.0 if nothing else just because it's a hd rehash of the first 6 episodes of EVA with a different ending. 2.0 is pretty amazing and 3.0 is a really solid movie as well. Apparently 4.0 is getting released this year so you won't have to wait long :D. It's too 90's. I can listen to it whenever it pops up on my playlist but i find it jarring to listen to it on repeat.

    You never know, it could be you being smart by pretending to be dense in a genius plan to disguise your femininity.

    So dorm contracts are more or less a yearly thing then? I never knew xD. Yes, well, are the asian girls kawaii tsundere?
    It's a laugh watching Makoto being as retarded as he is, I will concede. Still doesn't make the show any good though. I can understand where you're coming from, I've met people who've said pretty much the same thing. I don't like it, but I understand it. You should go watch Golden Time now.

    So is that a pass, then? I dunno how the American grading system works anymore :(

    tbh I didn't really care much for EVA. It wasn't until the Rebuild movies that I started to enjoy the franchise. It's one of the series that I plan on rewatching to see if I can get a different opinion. Also I don't like Zankoku Tenshi no These burn

    That's what you want us to think.

    Are you moving out of your dorm, then? I'm pretty sure you're not graduating yet.
    Indeed, seems it's getting warmer here finally though, clear skies basically the whole week. Hopefully it stays this way, but you know how it is here x) (also as soon as I said that I opened my blinds and see rain clouds coming this way ;_;)

    Yeah, usually I just forget or find myself too busy... in a way I wish they'd all end soon but that's definitely wishful thinking.

    Oh damn. So you're done for the Semester after that?

    So much for eating healthier then? :p
    All said and done, wasn't the ending the best ending ever? Also why you drop AnoHana.

    You people need to get your priorities straight; grades come above all else said the asian

    Uh, College. As in, only taking enough classes to be able to understand class material and spending the rest of my free time being the biggest nerd. I spent like three hours discussing Evangelion with some of the other nerds in class and now my friends look at me like I'm a freak of nature ;-;

    Bs is something that everyone needs to learn at some point in their lives. It's so convinient being able to lie your way out of everything!

    Tell them you can never get tired of mahotsunderekawaiichibinekoshojo!

    Speaking of Watermelons, My new roomate has all them watermelons.
    True, it's just been years since we've gotten an actual blizzard, I remember getting 2 weeks off of school once because of it. Ouch, I forgot how cold it gets out there.

    Yeah, I've fallen behind again on all of them except OP since it's really the only one that keeps my interest still. Well just imagine how Beserk and HunterxHunter fans feel... pretty sure it's been 2 years since either got a new chapter x)

    It's definitely for the MJ, the world's finest apparently lol. Yeah, I can see why, one reason I'm not excited to go back to school but know I'll have to eventually. So are things settling down now?

    Yeah, culinary is what I'm looking into as well. That's good, I can imagine that eating out all the time would be expensive especially if you go for the healthier choices. Study schedules never last haha, I've been trying to make one myself with my online classes but it just depends on what I have going on during the day.
    Lol walk to class? Can I take a taxi instead? I'd like to be able to feel my fingers during class. Well yeah, it's usually this col every year too.
    I doubt there will be school tomorrow, since we're supposed to get more snow. Yeah it's one of the worst stprms in a few years.
    Oh dear, now I kind of wish i did participate x).

    Look on the bright side, the Asian in you was pleased with more studying!

    Uh, well, you could make a contract with Kyubey and be a kawaii-tsundere-chibi-asian-mahou-shojo!

    I can relate to this so well it's not even funny.

    Still waiting.

    Uh, too much information x)
    Yeah, it's mostly just the coast that gets ripped off when it comes to snow though. That sounds like a poor-man's apple cider x)

    I haven't been reading, I actually prefer reading a bunch in one sitting so I may just wait for awhile... though I'm behind on One Piece since I started it back in May.

    For sure, and I think the crime rate has gone down a bit. I remember we were having a lot of gang problems a couple years back but I haven't heard much lately. Yeah, though there are some people I wish I did see more.

    Wow, I'm sure I asked you before but what are you looking into for a career? Well to be fair, I think people are complain even if they only have one... lazy kids x) Yeah, quite a few actually... though I've only started and kept up with my resolution to eat healthier and my workout routine. What about you?
    I, Uh, I'd rather not because ivanhoe 2014 sounds really wierd and stuff. The 'hoe' part, especially.

    But you're Asian, you're supposed to be really good at Engrish.

    You should move to Africa, they'd love you there.

    My previous roommate did this thing where she sent her clothes to the laundry after wearing the article once. It was kind of ridiculous tbh.

    I expect an essay on how amazingly bad it is afterwards x)

    Do you wear a bat on your head? :D

    We also have walnut flavor for what it's worth. And ginseng flavor x)
    Yeah, must've melted after I left then x) It wasn't that bad, just above the knees, but damn. They better provide free hot chocolate at your college x)

    Guess I was wrong, we got a chapter. I honestly forget so much with manga, they're always harder to follow for me than anime.

    It's pretty nice for the most part, some shady areas but that's pretty normal for decent-sized to large cities I suppose. Yeah, I enjoy seeing people more now that I don't have to see them everyday xD

    Ahh, which ones did you have? And happy late new years!
    Nah, it pretty much the same thing. But drinking at bar>home, at least when you're someone, haha!
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