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Nov 27, 2015
Dec 23, 2009
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Aug 1, 1995 (Age: 24)

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Custom User Title, 24, from Canada.

peacemaker987 was last seen:
Nov 27, 2015
    1. Tsumiki
      You've become a man. I am (not) proud.

      Yes! My kawaii-tsundereness is a weapon on par of a rocket launcher!

      But still, it's a once a year event; you could've afforded to splurge a little x)

      So does that mean you'll become a bear and have summer hibernation?
    2. Sohryu
      I've heard something about "world end" somewhere, though. Something about Solar Tempest...but I really don't remember.

      Well, I really prefer FFXV over FFXIII-3. Noctis will be awesome, as far as it seems. Stella too... FFXV looks amazing. FFXIII-3 looks really nice, though, and I think it'll be better than FFXIII.

      Really? Wow! That's really nice to hear, Jordan!!! Can I hug and kiss you, brotha?!
    3. Soroft
      What is it with the generic 2x4? Why not any other sizable piece of wood?

      Right? Haha that would mean you're already there by the time I saw this, just like I am. How do you like it so far? You living in a dorm and everything?
    4. Tsumiki
      ikr? it really sucks >: If you choose to watch School Days, make it a drinking game or something. You don't want to be sober while watching it. This is coming from a minor!

      Of course, the sight could be the end of your once-in-a-lifetime ;P

      The best farewell is a good farewell, I suppose! So how much merch did you get? Anything noteworthy?

      Haha, well see you whenever then!
    5. Ampy
      I'm going to assume the English dub, I didn't get to see him myself. If I had the money I most definitely would as well. I get where you're coming from but I'd rather watch series I'm actually interested in haha

      He had a tweet war with him? Where have I been? In a bad way haha, then they got me to take pictures of them with her?
    6. [GS]
      I want in!

      Well, for the last month or so I've been on vacation! Now back to the grind however....
    7. Soroft
      I know what you mean.

      Oh really? I did that too. Except without the knives. (?) What else is new?
    8. Tsumiki
      Yet it does. In the worst possible way.

      It'll be so uber kawaii that you're brain will implode from the sheer amount of kawaii.

      Yeah it's a pretty cool thing. Go watch it legally.

      That's a bummer. So did you enjoy the con?
    9. Ampy
      Guess I didn't pay too much attention then, I did see a Ichigo, Rukia and Nel though... and apparently Aizen's English VA was there at the food court, from what I heard in line. After I catch up with Fairy Tail I'll make it my priority :P

      Did he actually cover that or did he just sing it at a panel? o_o Haha, my friends were complaining about here the whole way there but ended up getting pictures with her for whatever reason.
    10. Tsumiki
      It can't be worse that School Days. The main character goes around deflorating so many girls he makes Charlie Sheen look like a pussy.

      I thought that'd be obvious! I have cute little girls feed me grapes x)

      Without telling you how, i can tell you that Kamina takes part in the final battle against the anti spiral.

      So I heard, did you get to see him?
    11. Ampy
      Those are the only two I saw as well, and I was also surprised there wasn't as much One Piece. I saw a few Luffys and a few Sanjis and that's about it x) I have yet to watch Steins;Gate, I just had a huge backlog but I'm hoping to start it soon.

      Haha, I got to hear him sing Phantom of the Opera... not quite as brag worthy as hearing "Brothers", but he is indeed a great singer. My friend was just super ****ed she was dressed as Ace haha.
    12. Tsumiki
      It's so bad it's good. You'll be laughing at just how convoluted the plot becomes.

      I'm the top 1% of chibi kawaii tsundere!

      I can't say I remember that one. Man I need to rewatch the show.

      You have no idea man. You'll be shaking in pure joy at what happens at the end.

    13. Ampy
      I'm surprised, there weren't as many Naruto cosplays as I was expecting... in fact, I saw more Fairy Tail cosplays then I did Naruto. Did you see the Excalibur from Soul Eater? That gave me a good laugh.

      It was mine as well, meeting Vic was definitely the highlight of the whole thing though, he's a really cool guy. What about yours?
    14. Ampy
      So, we haven't talked in a year but I stalked saw your conversation with Steph about you going to AR. So what did you think about the huge amount of Shingeki cosplayers? x)
    15. Sohryu
      It's more like a joke. The World will end (I don't even know if, in english, "World" is capitalized) and FFXV (bye bye, Versus XIII) won't even be released, yet!

      *have you noticed my so new improved english? Man, I'm getting good at this thing*
    16. Tsumiki
      School Days. It's so bad you wouldn't know how to fix it. Ohmygod school days is the worst anime ever.

      I read that as fatasialand for a second. I'd rather stay chibi and kawaii~

      The gay mechanic didn't get a gunmen iirc. He just kind if stayed on Earth during the final battle.

      The ending ending is relatively unchanged, it's just the final battle that leads to that ending that gets reworked. It is so much more epic x)

      I only have one thing to ask. What the hell is Tokyo Fish Attack.
    17. Tsumiki
      That's true, I suppose. They could've taken the initiative and editted the original material to make it flow more fluently though.

      I think I remember those from my days in America. Didn't they have a Pizza flavored stick as well?

      I'm pretty sure there's a Gorilla Gunmen in Gurren Lagann. But he's only a side character; he doesn't deserve to pierce the heavens.

      Those... Those pigs

      The actual adaptation part of the movie isn't very good, it's full of cuts that really cut the fluidity of the plot. The movies do have slightly different endings to the orginal series which is the real reason you should watch the movies. I prefer the movie endings over the actual series'
    18. Sohryu
      4 years? C'mon man!!! That's too much time! 1 one year at max. In 4 years FFXV won't even be released and the world will end!
    19. Sohryu
      But if you will study drugs, send some to me, you're my brotha!
    20. Sohryu
      Except by that "Steph Escape" stuff... Are you serious?
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    Aug 1, 1995 (Age: 24)
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    lil' ball of spheal.