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Nov 27, 2015
Dec 23, 2009
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Aug 1, 1995 (Age: 24)

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Custom User Title, 24, from Canada.

peacemaker987 was last seen:
Nov 27, 2015
    1. Tsumiki
      It's a shame such a great anime had such an abrupt ending. Really tarnishes the experience.

      That's only possible in really bad hentai, I doubt that's a thing irl. Tomato Pockies. Do they really exist?

      I'd think the extra effort would be worth it if it gave you a better chance at getting a decent paying job. It's a shame, that. You won't be able to smell like the asian monkey you truly are!

      But wouldn't it be hard to charm kawaii-tsundere-midgets with kawaii-tsundere-chibiness since they're fundamentally the same thing? It's like trying to feed a pig pork.

      You should watch the movies, they add another layer of merging xD. Brotherhood starts slow but never loses steam once it goes into full course and I love it for that.
    2. Tsumiki
      It really did make the entire arc confusing and awkward. Everything before it has Lawrence pretty much risking his life in some way to rescue Holo only for him to sell her. Pretty anticlimatic if you ask me.

      Oh, you know, there are people out there who prefer smaller cups ;) I'm pretty sure they'd also like them magic sticks short.

      Here's to hoping, the stress is killing me ;-;

      So tl;dr you're grades were insufficient? I'm pretty sure unis have a laundry-run-service...thing so you won't smell like a hobo!

      Expect a coup d'eate from the vegetarians! Tempting, what's in it for me?

      Kind of? I consider Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood, Gurren Lagann and AnoHana to be my favorite anime; it depends on my mood at the time though it's Brotherhood for the most part.
    3. Sohryu
      I see. Will you hold on? I don't see myself so far of my "family" (mother only, but still)... Good luck then!
      What'll you study, anyway?
    4. Sohryu
      Oh... Couldn't get a closer one? How this work on Canada? I mean... Here we do sort of exam on a College and, if we pass...we're on.
    5. Sohryu
      Hey Jordan! How's college? Not sure if you're on college already, but I guess you are
    6. Tsumiki
      It builds on Lawrence's merchant persona but at the same time really cut his character imo.

      Does that make you an owl now? A hooter, as it were?

      I live in the center of Seoul so local colleges are the A-Grade colleges I'm aiming for so there you go. That must be a pretty big life-changer; how far are you moving?

      I'll take over Europe one country at a time and make the entire continent a single country called Midgetville. All tall people will be executed.

      The amount of kawaii tsundere asian in that statement is too damn high!

      ...I'm serious. Stop with the lying and watch illya be a super kawaii lolicon mahou shojo.
    7. Soroft
      Good, wouldn't want to traumatize you now.

      Oh, getting ready for college, making road trips with friends, yourself?
    8. Tsumiki
      They actually sell her so she loses her screentime. Eve gets her screentime and as i mentioned before, I really don't care for Eve.

      He sounds like a pretty cool guy, i might have to talk to him some time!
      But staying up all night is the best~ It cuts down your growth!

      In standard asian fashion unfortunately. Way to add pressure when it's already freaking me out >:
      Yesyesyes! I've raised a wonderful son!

      But kawaii tsundere asians are the best asians! Just look at me!

      You can stop lying now.
    9. Tsumiki
      This. All the this. That arc is imo the weakest part of the series. Besides the problems I've already mentioned, there is a significant lack of Holo. This is not a good thing.

      Interesting. Do tell me more.

      So does that make your half-crazy and stuff? x)

      Nah, we enter uni with a major already set. We can switch majors, but that means we're essentially going back to first years. Speaking of, I heard you got into drug school x). Looks like them chinese druglords rubbed off on you!

      We're like god-tier there. Everywhere else, nobody really cares.

      Well technically Prisma Illya is a spinoff, only Stay Night and Zero are 'canon'. But Prisma Illya has Illya fighting with Archer's soul in her. Does that make you want to watch it now.
    10. Tsumiki
      I prefer the original in some ways and the sequel in others. OtK2 really builds on the relationship between Lawrence and Holo giving it a much more romantic atmosphere but the economics really take a focal point, being hard to understand at times. Plus, the 'villian' for the second arc is terrible and the way that arc ended was so....bleh. The OVA, on the other hand, is full of Holo. There's so much Holo to be had there.

      Well you better get crackin'!

      Speaking of, have you tried using Hummingbird? It's an alternative to MAL that looks much more visually appealing. I'm planning on switching once they make a mobile version of the site.

      I'm all over the place, still haven't decided on a major. Hard times, man.

      Meanwhile, the demand for Asians are slowly increasing.

      There's also a direct sequel to Stay night that hasn't been made into an anime, and Carnival Phantasm, which is a spinoff party-esqe ova series. Besides that you've pretty much got it all.
    11. Soroft
      Only moderately

      How goes?
    12. Tsumiki
      Waifu joke aside, i think Horo is one of the best Female characters in Anime I've seen. Her intereactions with Lawrence make for some of the best I've seen in Anime. Now if only I could understand the econonical part of the show...

      I've merged my MSN with Skype so sending something to my MSN should work in theory, I have no idea how it works tbh ^^;;

      That being said there really isn't all that much you can do about it, you can't exactly list a series and it's corresponding movies into a single category.

      Naw, Math should be the main course

      Well slavery did exist so...

      But the manga are only really adaptations of the VN so you wouldn't miss anything by skipping them.
    13. Soroft
      Wait do I know you
    14. Tsumiki
      I saw Spice and Wolf. I want Horo to be my waifu so bad. The link is in my siggy, you should know where to find it.

      That's like, the perfect asn delicacy!

      But murdering people in Europe looks so much prettier! Look at Alucard!

      As in, why is he so popular. Ash's only manfriend should be Brock.

      Not really. You've got Stay Night and Zero. And then there's Mahou Shoujo Prisma*Illya.
    15. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      I was talking about it's texture, it's very odd imo. It's sweet too, but not like chocolate.

      Yeah, he wasn't very good this past year. Tampa has like the best offense no doubt, Stamkos, St. Louis, Lecavelier, the list goes on. Their goaltending is average at best due to their defense mainly focusing on offense.
    16. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      Sass? Me? Nah. Speaking of weird textures, pineapple is at the top of the list. It tastes good, but that texture is weird. Yea, sometimes I get sick when I eat too much, but it's addictive :P

      I hate Pitsburgh more. They're overrated, they are kinda craptastic at Defense even though they have good Offense. Fleury is too weak, and Vokoun is getting old.
    17. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      Idk, asked my mum and she says it's a 'vegetable' :P I guess that it isn't a common sight around here. Nah, I like chocolate more. Meat is a close second, but I really like chocolate.

      Pulling a Chicago would be even better, but then people would expect them to win. At least sucking throughout the whole season makes them 'unlikely' to win the cup :P
    18. Tsumiki
      So is she super kawaii tsundere and stuff? You could check my mal, but aside from the seasonal stuff, I'm watching the original FMA and a show called Little Busters! Almost done with both of them x)

      I like peas. They go good with rice.

      I'd prefer Europe, I'd imagine the air to be much cleaner there.

      What. Why.

      Although chances are it'll cover a different path from that of the Stay night anime so you'll have to watch it eventually to get the full Fate experience. There's also Fate/Prototype which is a 10 minute trailer for what could've been.
    19. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      Peas are decent, though I have never heard of eggplants. Chicken and pretty much any meat also tastes amazing. What a discovery.

      Hopefully Montreal will step up this year, like last, but just fail all year then win the whole playoffs.
    20. Tsumiki
      It turns out i'm good at paying attention! I might end up watching it after my current show.

      Nobody really cares, all the asian drug lords on tv are chinese.

      I might just have to kill you to keep that vibe from spreading x)

      I see 4kids dubs being mocked just about everywhere; except the pokemon dub i guess. The show in general was aimed for a much younger audience compared to one piece or ygo though.


      Turtle soup man, its a thing.
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    Aug 1, 1995 (Age: 24)
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