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  • Lol, makes sense.

    Ah, okay. I remember that episode, it's just that you put the reference in different context than I'm used to. My friends and I normally just quote things, not piecing together scenarios of some sort.

    Just wondering, but have you ever heard of Dragonball Z Abridged?
    Oic, that makes sense then. But what's the difference in style?
    However, that was an addition to keep players that liked to speed things up a little happier, as well as level the playing field in case someone grabs all of the heavy weapons. Armor Lock does wonders in certain scenarios, especially when a rocket is flying at your face. Jetpacks aren't that big of a deal, really. Mainly a maneuverability addition.
    Hm, tbh I'd have to say Valve takes the cake for superior CPU intelligence, and the plot would have to go to Half-Life 2, but that's just me.

    Orly? What episode?
    Gah, wow. The shortcuts we get to take are simply shorthand configuration, nothing more.

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was by far the best, and they really need to make one like it. Now they seem to be running out of plot ideas though...

    Yes, yes it is. It's an awesome RPG, don'tcha know?
    Why shouldn't I tell Kerech, he be hatin' teh Gearz? I never got to play MGS4, but I heard it was good. Orly? I don't have a PS3, only an Xbox, so I wouldn't bother with LittleBigPlanet 2. :/

    For the record, Reach is awesome. Why is this that you hate on it so?

    So sorry, no reference to be caught for meh. D:
    It's not that they're as much annoying, as I just don't see how they are superior to the Bohr model of atoms. It's basically guess and check compared to an actual theory, from what I gather. Someday I shall have to break the law...of gravity. 8D

    Well, I think I bombed an AP test, have a sudden craving for a new Sonic game, and can't wait for Fable 3. You?
    Lol really? Seems like it, most of the good raters are in college and higher, so I assumed so for most.

    It is, and it was a very annoying test. I absolutely hate quantum mechanics. :/
    Actually technically it was your sig that caused the trauma. 8D

    Lol the irony is that I have a Chem test tomorrow. Except I'm guessing you're in college, not high school, so.
    Lol it wasn't imaginary, I went to the hospital about it. ER doctors were pretty confused. :p Lulz.

    So what's up?
    OMNOMNOM. Why thank you, kind sir, for fixing the mental trauma of which you brought upon me. :D
    Lol it's a pretty poor sig though. I'd say it's more of a Facebook-esque status haha.
    Oh right, I think I vaguely get what you mean here, after a little googleing. I'm assuming that LBP = LittleBigPlanet? D:
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