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  • 4.0 is perfect gpa? That's actually genuinely awesome! I always had faith in you; except when I didn't!

    Oh god that's terrible. At least the wives were able to spend the other 51 weeks living in a castle with no worries whatsoever!

    They could be dirt poor. Or super finicky and only bring a single set of clothes to school. Both are fairly ash things to do.

    Oh it can't be worse than school days. I'd personally have to go out of my way and kill you if it was. And I'm not even lying

    Is your name secretly narcissus liu? X)

    I like cherries though :( I enjoy cherry ice cream every now and then
    You too, Jordan! Hope that 2014 be a grea year for you!

    It doesn't. It's actually pretty different. But I've used "$" for you to have an idea. Consider paying something between $45,00 to $60,00 on a Vodka. The good ones are even more expensive. And considering the minimum wage is something between R$800,00... It's expensive.
    I don't even know. My mind is apparently more perverse than I thought. Isn't that like, really good though?

    It used to be regularly practiced in most Asian countries back in the day. You were born at the wrong time, sonny.

    School and laundry. That's like the stereotypical Azn and woman.

    It's funny because a tsundere has to be in love with the protagonist. It's an unspoken law of anime and everything related to it!

    And you'll end up looking like every other korean pretty boy

    This is very true. I like the peaches the best :3
    I thought for a second you were talking about the size of your thing and awkward and stuff.

    Did you know that some african tribes endorse polygamy btw?

    We start in spring and end in winter like Japan x). I wish i had more internationals around me, would make for fun conversations!

    itsallfrompersonalexperience. Oh god no, who knows what kind of nonsense'll come out of that.

    And not the plastic kind!

    The best mangoes are the mangoes found in those cup jellies.
    Trust me, it won't, haha! No worries!

    Never tried. Is it good? No here likes vodka, only me. So I usually get whichever is good and cheaper. Although those 4 bottles I received isn't what I call cheaper here. $45,00 each, which is quite expensive
    I got 4 bottles of Vodka and a headache right at the next day. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same, although I'll be alone... So lonely; Mr lonely. But I'll do my best to get drunk and sleep fast.
    So does that make you extremely skinny like the stereotypical azn? x) And how'd the exams go?

    I didn't know polygamy was legal in Canada.

    School Days. Yep, graduating next week and all that jazz. I've been working to save money for college and loitering around in betwee. Life is good, man.

    Embrace the company of the 2d, like that one guy from nhk!

    It'd gain you a free trip to the hospital :D

    theres a first for everything. Be very careful
    It did, then melted of course. But it snowed again a few days ago and was still there a couple days later, I'm near the Okanagon now though so I'm enjoying quite a bit of snow haha.

    Seems like Attack on Titan is going on a one month break though... painful haha.

    Have you ever been there? It's near the mall if you have haha. Not too much before, but I found myself getting really fed up with a lot of people in Grade 12... the feeling was probably mutual :p

    Dang, well hopefully they're over now? I mean, it's Christmas Eve so I'd hope so x)

    It's all good, as you can see I'm not the greatest at prompt replies and I don't even have an excuse other than I'm lazy haha. Merry Christmas bro!
    Man... How you're doing? I wouldn't endure much of this. I even hate hot weathers because we literally "melt". I get all wet...
    Wait, you're serious?! -45c every day?! My God! That's so much! You would melt if you were here, then. +35c everyday x)
    Those weathers are so extreme nowadays, haha!!!
    Man! That's so much! I know you have to study a lot and all, but didn't tought it would be that much!
    And here I am doing nothing the whole day! Ur jelly cuz imma lazy?

    At least a week. Will get back at january, I guess? But eh, 1 week and a few days isn't enough to recover such a tiring routine. Guess you'll be sleeping the whole Christmas, haha!
    Wow, Jordan... That's bad. But you're having some fun, I guess?
    Anyway, wishing you luck from Brazil! Because studying 15 hours per day is tiring. Won't you get any vacation? For the December holidays?
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