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  • What, you're secretly some harem king? School food is always bad, no matter how high education gets x)

    and it'll get you divorced!

    Can I assume you've watched it by now?

    I can only assume there was lots of moaning coming out of your room that night. Both by males.

    I... won't probe to deep. Watching anime makes you accepting on a lot of things.

    and it'll get you arrested nontheless =/
    Yeah, still no snow here of course, tons of rain though as usual. I'll probably be driving down to the states for gas, living by the border has some perks I guess.
    Is it that long? Thought there was something wrong with the issue numbers and people were getting confused... oh well, at least it's nearing it's end.

    Yeah, the temple is near the middle of the city and they all live on the opposite side of where I do, so guess I don't notice it haha. Ahh, sounds cool, my grad class was kind of like that since there were only about 30 of us haha.

    Of course, I used to have Math tests in the morning all the time, hard to stay awake and do finances when you're groggy as hell x) Guess I can't complain, my school is a 3 minute drive away, and even when I walked it was only about 15 minutes haha.
    Asian food is the best food. Everything comes with rice!

    That's not necessarily true, people cheat on their wives for a reason!

    So... How was it?

    I'm never going to drink. It's a personal thing.

    Yeah, but I look like a 14 year old! ...I can't believe I just admit to that ;-:

    They?re technically high schoolers so they aren't little girls x)
    That sounds brutal, I haven't been there myself but my friend that used to live there was talking about how glad he is that he learned to drive here because of the roads haha. Fair enough, it's pretty bad, sometimes I wish they would just wait until the manga is at a point where they couldn't catch up... that way the animation would probably stay consistent.

    I guess that would have worked too haha, I live on the edge so I don't really notice that part of Abbotsford as much. Sounds like you've got a good community going on there. So you keep the leftovers to reduce costs? I remember when I had a class trip down to San Fransisco we'd all try to find cheap places and try to keep as much as we could to reduce the amount we had to spend the next day x)

    Dang, at least it's more lenient than High School? I don't think I'll ever miss having to get up at 7 AM for school :p
    Eventually, it'll get better... I guess.
    Mrs Jordan is now a grow up man, hehe!
    Also, I'm still waiting those LSDs you promised me
    Finally, something that's actually a good Drought user other than Groudon :D Also, it has 159 SpA?

    I managed to get it, it's a lot of fun. But for future reference, I'm getting a job.
    Ahh, I wish I had reasons to reward myself but the most productive thing I do nowadays is practice my driving :p I decided to stop watching, mostly because of how awful the animation has become and the pointless fillers sprinkled throughout.

    Abbotsford is the weed capital of BC is what I meant. Food is unfortunately pretty expensive... unless you're willing to live on McDoubles for the rest of your life, but I'm pretty sure that's out of the question x) How long are your classes?
    Is that bad, good, kinda bad, quite good or too bad or too good? Love the drinking part, though!
    Yea, pretty much. Drought is pretty sick though, although the SR weakness sucks.

    I was hoping to get it on release but I have no money.
    You need your meat to become a big strong boy, boy.

    A man needs plenty of boobie in his life.

    I did mean Saber ;-;. Oh you'll enjoy it. It's the kind of show where you find pleasure in watching just how bad it is. I hate is with a burning passion. I like that show!

    I wouldn't know, I'm still a minor =/

    I think they'd judge me harshly if they knew I was snapchatting what looks like pedophile =/

    No, it's actually pretty painful. Even with a second X chromosome the pure moe was jarring =/
    I'm trying not to get into anything for that reason right now haha. Watching Naruto (WHY) and One Piece and that's it.

    Hmm, really, I love BC but living in the weed capital isn't really the best haha. Oh, I haven't gone yet, unfortunately it's in Chilliwack and I don't have my N yet so I'm just trying to find a part-time job atm. It's always a good choice, that and Fresh Slice are really the only places I ever go for fast food.
    Don't even try, you won't get any good answer on Google Translator. Despite his name, G-T is kinda predictable (?)

    So, how you're doing, man?
    I like the majority of them, but some of them just seem boring to me. Either way, I totally agree. tbh Mega Zard X is looking better than Mega Zard Y, it's design is badass.

    I'm not preordering it, just waiting until around release time.
    That's a thing. But rabbits and carrots are almost like lions and meat!

    What, do you get watermelons then? x)

    and I'll have to personally fly to canada to thank you. Probably with a chainsaw. School Days is terrible.

    Oh god, you can't be serious >:

    I guess we have that, kind of. I don't think I want to know what this wierd **** is.

    You should do what I'm telling everyone else to do and dedicate an entire day to watching both seasons of K-On and the movie. Those are unbalanced statistics, your asian ancestors would be very proud x)
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