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Aug 21, 2014
Mar 12, 2010
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Pearl-Chan! was last seen:
Aug 21, 2014
    1. Hihiroshi
      Wil-Kun is my bulba account add me if you want to =P. That is good ^^
    2. Hihiroshi
      Hey I also have bulbagarden account but I let it die XD .

      How are you doing ?
    3. Hihiroshi
      Doing fine thanks for asking , the reason that happened it is because I am thinking on leaving the forums =/ .

      How about you ?
    4. Yuppirox
      Yeah, gomen, gomen... It's just...with school and HG and moving to a new home.. -sighs- Takes away a chunk of my time online, y'know? Especially now that the Internet will be cut for 2-4 days because of the move (starting on Thursday)...

      Damn, I hate this, but there's no use complaining, eh? >_<
    5. MasterMan
      Howdy (Not a cowboy by any means). How's it going? :)
    6. Adelaide1994
      hey!! im good , you?
    7. eryyy
      Yeah, sorry about that. I was so angry with some pokeshippers on youtube when I posted that. I hate Pokeshipping but I won't ever bash it.
      I would too. It would kind of be really hard for me if they did since they're so close. I can't imaine Dawn without Ash and visa versa. But I'd still support it that happened too.
    8. Yuppirox
      Sorry for the really late reply, but..

      You're welcome~ Always great to see new faces bop up to support the greatest pairing of all time. ;D
    9. CaseyGirl
      haha np ;) and im sure we'll become very good friends!! we're both pearlshippers after all!! ;D loll
    10. eryyy
      I agree with you. I think Pearl is the absolute best shipping as well.
      Neither Advance (no offense, Advanceshippers) or Poke (All offense intended to Pokeshippers) can be compared to Pearl. Pearl is the best.
      As you can see, I hate absolutely hate Pokeshipping. Grr :@
    11. eryyy
      No prob :D And thanks for adding me.
      I'm a huge Pearlshipper too. I just love meeting new Pearlshippers.
    12. ccangelopearl1362
      Hey there. Yesterday was rather busy for me, but I think today was more relaxed. How are you?
    13. ccangelopearl1362
      Greetings once more, and thank you for accepting my offer a few days ago. I may get to be even more mentally active at a certain event this evening in my corner of the world, with regards to my political interests. Are you doing well today, and would you like me to add what I learn from this event into my overall explanation?
    14. Hihiroshi
      To be honest that is the most stupid non April fools joke I have ever seen in my life but oh well :/.

      And cool ^^ thanks for accepting , i hope we can become good friends
    15. Hihiroshi
      Lol you heard about what happened in bulbagarden ? XD Team Rocket took over it I heard ROFL that is why all the shipping threads are closed
    16. ccangelopearl1362
      (chuckling alertly) I had a strange suspicion that you would cite my signature in recognizing me, and you might very well be surprised at the extent to which I have combined my interest in Pearlshipping with my interest in, well, politics. Would you mind if I began to explain how I pursued such a course of action?
    17. Hihiroshi
      The pleasure is all mine =) . Lol well since you asked in the thread the rules I decided to give them via VM so we wouldn't had gone off topic in the thread lulz .

      And like I said in the thread , I know you from Bulbagarden , because I sometimes post in there to :P
    18. ccangelopearl1362
      Hello. You might recognize me from the Bulbagarden Pearlshipping thread as C7CACorncas12, and I'm certainly glad you've decided to start contributing at Serebii. Are you doing well at this moment?
    19. Hihiroshi
    20. Adelaide1994
      hi^^, im a huge pearlshipper like you, nice to meet you and welcome to the thread *shakes hand with you*
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