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Last Activity:
Nov 18, 2019
Oct 21, 2006
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ROAWR!, from Where you want to Live

PeeGee was last seen:
Nov 18, 2019
    1. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      Any chance I could interest you in a trade between the Pokémon we just hatched? Snubbull isn't quite what I had in mind, but you've hatched exactly what I was after.
    2. Solsabre
      Hey, just thought I would let you know I had one of my character's engage your SlashAngemon character in conversation in Civil War. I hope you didn't mind some character interaction.
    3. Tangeh
      Alrighty, thanks for letting me know.
    4. Tangeh
      Hiya! Haven't seen you around lately, are you still active in Kanto Skies?
    5. VampirateMace
      Uh, okay. That sucks, but thanks for letting me know.
    6. VampirateMace
      Yeah, that'd be fine.
    7. John's Knight
      John's Knight
      sorry man, I don't think you can pick up your voltorb anymore, it's been more than 72 hours S:

      "All Pokémon must be collected within three days (72 hours) of their hatching. Failure to do so will force the Pokémon to be released and the owner to have a penalty of a further 2 week wait added onto their current wait time to collect their next egg."
    8. Dark Searchman
      Dark Searchman
      Haha, I understand. No rush, I just hope I get reunited with Daphne soon! =D
    9. Dark Searchman
      Dark Searchman
      So, I know you're handling BMG's Arcane Realm, but will you still be doing my Cloud Garden adventure?
    10. bronislav84
      Alright well, it was nice having you. Hope to RP with you again sometime dude! I'll cross you out soon.
    11. bronislav84
      Mine is unreliable too. We can keep you more or less up to date with us. So are you sure?
    12. DVB
      Hey Food, Ninjice will be needing healing soon in the RPG.
    13. Black War Dragon
      Black War Dragon
      Hey Food Guy! Hope you have time to get in a post soon! Best wishes.
    14. Samantha Sparks
      Samantha Sparks
      Food Guy, about the Teen Titans RP, would you Script to face Kotamae soon? He's currently holding a spellbook on familiar contracting and summoning.
    15. bronislav84
      Oh, definitely. I was going to do that for Blackfire eventually, making her a PC.
    16. bronislav84
      Ah, ok don't take too long. :)
    17. bronislav84
      Thanks for the update. It is much appreciated. The holiday has people busy and I realize tests were recently too. If you'd like to continue with us, please let DVB know to wait for Lifebane. If he has Ninjice say to not wait, that's that. He's leading the mission, so what he says goes right now.
    18. bronislav84
      Hi Food. Please tell me you are not dropping out of Teen Titans? Haven't posted anything in a while. We had the rule saying don't sign up if you end up not staying around to make sure people who can't stay around don't sign up. It would be sad to lose you.
    19. bronislav84
      Hi dude, we probably should have clued you in earlier, but we set that ending to see about getting Lifebane more involved. Would you be able to get the two revived from unconsciousness and healed?
    20. Meetan
      Yeah, for sure. Sorry about that!
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