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  • Hey, about your Powers RPG, if you restart it, I'd love to join. It seemed interesting at the time when it came out, and i think I'm experienced enough now to sign up.
    Are you retarting it, or just handing it over to me? Sorry, I can't do either. My test rp may or may not take off, and I've got too many projects going on right now.
    Interesting character for Crimson Moon. I was wondering if my character can have known yours, as friends. He would definitely be the type to defend her.
    You could post them leaving the airport, and then either going to the bank for Sorceress to look for her friends their, or have them to to the tower.
    I think you could, I'll trust that you will be more active. You just need to repost your sign-up, and I'll aprove it. Also, while you were gone, your character ended up in the Austrailian outback. Sorry, I needed a way to get rid of her. Have her catch a flight back. oh, Almost forgot, you should read what happened since you were gone, including all the new sign-ups.
    Well, I'm dissapointed to hear that, I really liked your character here. But I respect your decision and I appreciate you telling me. Good luck at the University.
    RE: Tia

    Wouldn't it have maybe made more sense for her to go with Gunnar then? And maybe have Shoon or Justin ride with Hira?
    Is it still okay if Tia rides with Hira instead of Gunnar? I really don't think Gunnar will be able to fight with two digimon who are his size on his back without being in his RizeGreymon form, which wouldn't be good when fighting the Horsemen.
    Just wanted to let you know that in the Teen Titans RP I did establish that the bugs are actually crawling all over Sorceress and Wraith, not just flying around them. So in effect you just sealed her in with them, so smart move :D
    I'm wondering if it might be time for Tia to finally evolve, or at least start building that story. There was something about her mega form being sealed in her signups, but there hasn't been even the barest minimum hint of that throughout DA. We're reaching the point that Ultimates just aren't cutting it...and haven't been for a while.
    Hmm, okay. Is she going to stay on Gunnar's back then? (I'm thinking he might want to be a RizeGreymon so everyone fits)
    Hey, is Tia going to be using her Magnadramon form in this next battle in DA? I ask because we're over water and I don't think that Gunnar can carry Shoon, Justin and Tia and still fight at the same time.
    Hey, was thinking of posting in TeenTitans soon, but I'm sort of afraid of leaving you too far behind. Should I wait for you first or go ahead?
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