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Recent content by Peppermint

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    Best Fire Pokemon In Gen 3 (excluding starter)

    Ninetails. Its stats, moves, and design are all great.
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    The Noobiest thing you've done on R/S/E

    I used up all my berries without even knowing it and failed to catch a shiny Torkoal because I ran out of pokeballs.
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    How tall are you?

    I'm little more or less 5.1. Short. >_>
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    I wish..

    I wish to restart my life all over again so I can make the right choices. I wish for higher grades in school. I wish for a lot of money. I wish people on the internet weren't so stupid or sarcastic. I wish girls didn't have period every month. I wish guys got pregnant and not...
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    You know you're obsessed with Pokémon when...

    When you spent a whole night beating the game.
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    ZOMG! Someone was mean to me on the interwebz D,:

    I just ignore them. The only thing they can do is piss you off with some words, you don't have to listen to them.
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    Have you thought of another way of catching Pokemon?

    ^^^ lol Well there's the pokemon ranger top.
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    In HGSS it can work on both parent pokemon but for all the other games its the father.
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    Do you believe in psychic, ghost, or the like?

    Yeah, I do but I don't wanna to contact any of them anytime soon.
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    Give a Gift Get a Gift

    *hugs it* Its so fluffy! Gives next poster a piece of chocolate.
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    Give a Gift Get a Gift

    ...I prefer dororo but its the thought that counts. Gives next poster his/her favorite pokemon's plush toy.
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    The Definition Game

    kururu from keroro gunso is unknown here. ternaver
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    = game

    wrath = anger
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    The Definition Game

    Snickering sounds. (reminds me of kururu from sergent keroro) Hapsad
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    That pokemon you just couldn't catch.

    I was passing by route 45 in my HG a few days ago when out of no where a shiny geodude appears! I sent out my Flaffy and used tackle on it. Geodude's health is reached red and he used rock throw. I next threw a great ball but it fails. Then Geodude uses selfdestruct and faints. :(