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Nov 11, 2019 at 6:04 PM
May 14, 2006
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Dojyaaa~~aan, from Portugal

Pepsi_Plunge was last seen:
Nov 11, 2019 at 6:04 PM
    1. KiraRebornXD
      Dude! you got a 3DS too?! XD LOL I've got all systems going back to the gameboy on my shelves and even that Delta Airlines 1 that was available for the first 200,000. XD LOL
    2. KiraRebornXD
      ;p Good lifestyle.....XD LOL LOL LOL LOL But seriously though, I drink the zero stuff and it's probably better that I don't but whatcha gonna do ehh? XD LOL
    3. KiraRebornXD
      Joke: Hey, do you have a coke problem?-----No Coke, Pepsi!!!!! XD LOL LOL
    4. KiraRebornXD
      0_o Oooohhhh.....???????????? XD LOL
    5. KiraRebornXD
      I love PEPSI!!!!!!!!! XD LOL LOL LOL
    6. KKS-Lapras
      I personally don't get the issue people have with Pikachu battling. He is Ash's first Pokemon, the one he has the closest bond with. They've been through a lot together. Ash doesn't think in the same terms that the audience does.
    7. streetlightdsb
      No, what I mean is that the tournament is so cool I'm coming back and posting here despite the fact I didn't want to for a while :)

      Yeah that's fair enough. God I hate the drama round here.
    8. 1rkhachatryan
      Yay I'm taller then charizard!!! Lol ya well u know the U.S. we always gotta be different.
    9. streetlightdsb
      Yeah, but when hasn't it been really? :p

      As you can see from my sig I got fed up because of certain immature users who I shan't name (ever), but the damn tournament has me crawling back on my hands and knees haha.
    10. 1rkhachatryan
      Lol wait how tall is that in feet?? I'm 6'1 does that make me taller then charizard??
    11. 1rkhachatryan
      Idk man the anime is not exactly consistent with size most of the time lol best example being roselia so I think they will make it almost snorlax size or at least like charizard size(wait who's bigger charizard or snorlax(hight wise))??
    12. streetlightdsb
      Meh, whatcha gonna do, dude likes Pidove!

      It does annoy me when people say Grotle shouldn't have evolved because Torterra lost so much. I'm just thinking- "ok, so how do you think Grotle would have done against Hippowdon or Drapion?"

      Silly Anime Spoilers. :D
    13. 1rkhachatryan
      Na I think they'll make him bigger then Ash for sure lol
    14. 1rkhachatryan
      Hey man love your sig!! Although who knew Palpitoad would be so big lol, I thought it would be smaller. This makes me think Seismitoad will be snorlax size lol.
    15. Dax
      But they are girls. I just think Leavanny is too feminine looking to be male. Kinda like Lopunny. It's actually one of the pokemon I'm looking forward the most though, with Dewott and Pignite.

      Tranquill is my favorite middle bird too. I love that The Great Butler said Tranquill looks like a deformed chicken and it's true and I love the pokemon because of that. xD

      I didn't like the male version of Unfezant, now I'm indifferent. I thought the female was better until I used it in game. Loved her but she was an ugly creature plus she wasn't useful against the E4. I thought she was going to sweep Marshall, but that didn't happen. It's probably because I'm a bad trainer. I don't know anything about EV, IV... anything. I just, do what I do to enjoy the games.~*
    16. Dax
      I don't think Tranquill should be released at all. No pokemon should be released . She seems... pointless at this point. It doesn't seem like she'll be a major contribution anymore. I hope they prove me wrong but I doubt she'll be in Clay's gym and I don't see her being the star of Skyla's gym. I prefer if she wasn't caught but for unknown reasons Ash always needs to have his regional bird. I hope some episodes bring her some development but birds hardly get development.

      I hope she gets Sky Attack I just want her to be something different. Unfezant is a horrible pokemon (that I love using in the games because I LOVE BIRDS! XD) but it has some interesting attacks. I want her to be a special attacker since Swellow and Staraptor were physica,l especially Staraptor.

      I believe I read some people say Swadloon might stay the way it is because of Luke's Leavanny. Tbh, I love Leavanny but it's going to be so awkward for me to see Ash with one because Ash's is... male and to me Leavanny looks so feminine. xD
    17. Dax
      They will be good. And I'd love for the Snivy scenario to happen. I've always been pro evolution so I want her to evolve. The only pokemon I wanted to stay as it is was Phanpy. I loved Phanpy. :(

      I just want to see Watchog dude. I know he's going to be a bigger troll than Zorua. He looks like fun!

      Even Luke was funny harassing his opponent with the camera.
    18. Dax
      I didn't like it, I loved it.

      My favorite interaction was Iris/Langley/Zorua. Plus Bianca being obssesed with Zorua was nice.

      The only negative I found is Pikachu. It didn't need to battle at all.

      I like Palpitoad now. It was so awesome seeing it battle.

      Did you notice the differences between Ash's Tranquill and the Tranquill in the episode or is it just me?
    19. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Ahh. I see. I'm sorry.
    20. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      That's true.

      The other Pidove?

      Or at least some kind of personality.

      That's the way they all seem. Look at the one on the Pokedex 3D ap, if you have it. Very similiar.
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