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Nov 20, 2019 at 12:35 AM
May 14, 2006
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Dojyaaa~~aan, from Portugal

Pepsi_Plunge was last seen:
Nov 20, 2019 at 12:35 AM
    1. KibaLG8
      Which thread? Because i went through like 5-6 and I see no such posts.... :/ Unless my eyes deceived me.
    2. The Phoenix Lodge
      The Phoenix Lodge
      oops, its 1418-6721-9620
    3. The Phoenix Lodge
      The Phoenix Lodge
      3DS added you, my code is 1418-6721-9680 if you want to add me too.
    4. munnafn22
      ok! you don't have to be mean about it.
    5. munnafn22
      the pokecommunity is bigger than seribii and bulbapedia, it has a ton of forums and threads more than this site.
    6. munnafn22
      the 3d friend register says u have to enter the friend code at the same time.
    7. munnafn22
      ever been to the pokecommunity its huge, Im on there.
    8. munnafn22
      Whats your mii name?
    9. munnafn22
      hi! want to share 3d fcs mine is in my signature.
    10. whataffah
      Haha alright then. But to make myself clear, I swear, I have nothing against Portugal. It was just a random comment, I could have said something with Pepsi aswell...

      And yeah portugesians aren't hated here, but the Spanish are, if you know whaddI'm saying. ;) -WorldCupFinal who missed it...- Hehe but still, that isn't serious hate aswell... I think they call that jealousy?

      But I'm glad you're done with it. Let's do like nevr happend and act like we first did... :P
    11. streetlightdsb
      Yeah, that's the problem with the internet, no body language or tone of voice or anything like that. I know I offended playerking because I came across as rude, when I was just being blunt and straightforward (though I did tease him a bit at one point :p)

      How are you finding Black and/or White?
    12. whataffah
      You sound more reasonable than first. +1 :D

      But ok let me tell you something bout myself:
      1. I'm from Holland, it's full of foreigners here (no Portugesians, Maroccans are very common). Anyway, those Maroccans cause the most chaos over here: Vandalism, violence, etc. For dutch people it's sorta natural to hate what they do. That's why a big part is against foreigners; 'Rechts' (Right) is that in the parlement over here, and they get the most votes aswell. BUT...! -Before you take conclusions I'm a racist-
      2. Sarcasm is almost a language in our country. I have nothing against foreigners. That 'Portugese' comment was just because I saw Portugal in the right corner. I was 'a little' mad cause of your comments all the time, but you can start a reasonable conversation indeed, glad to see that.
      3. As I said of the sarcasm, my apologies for my comment below. xD I thought CAPSLOCK showed sarcasm, but apparently not. :') Nothing wrong with being 23, is what I mean. It's more than 10 years old, you must have grown up with it, just like me.

      It looks like I just wanna apology for what you said 'I can report you'. What I said is true, you can ask another Dutch person if you want to. (You can see it yourself aswell: Noticed our football? Ibrahim Affelay and Khalid Bhoularouz (Maroccans), Eljero Elia (Surinam), etc. Of course, I have nothing against them. They don't create chaos, they create GOOD chaos -goals and stuff xD-)
    13. whataffah
      By the way, you're a bit pathetic... Having your own ignore list? You can't handle people who are right? Cause Teshub for example, he speaks true words normally, not the cr** you bring in to everyone. Face it that you're the one who's wrong.

    14. 1rkhachatryan
      Ya I know he hates it believe me we argued about it before lol but I was just saying that that was a complete double standard.

      And ya I totally agree with you it's like all this development and it doesn't get captured?? That would be soooooo stupid it's not even funny.
    15. Ju-da-su
      No offense, but if you want DW female Charmander, you can just go hack one yourself? Doesn't make any difference seriously, since all DW starters are male (meaning, you can't get a DW female Charmander without hacking anyway...-.-")
    16. Teshub
      you had me on ignore, but somehow you know my "track record". good logic there
    17. Teshub
      its not nice to question someone's sexuality. if they did it to you, i bet you wouldnt like it either
    18. gliscor&yanmega
      Yah it's rather annoying. It's just like the whole egg thing. Whatever happens happens, I'll probably like it no matter what. I'm sticking with my prediction until I feel like it's not going to happen anymore.
    19. Sabonea_Masukippa
      Well, what can you do? Just have to deal with it and move on and hope they learn someday :P
    20. Locormus
      Well I agree with you on the point that when they interrupted important plot points it got annoying and they were a downright nuisance.. But during normal episodes they were the driving force between most of the episode.

      Old scenario:
      Ash and co meet a person with a problem
      Team Rocket give that person an even bigger problem
      Ash is the hero by defeating the evil Team Rocket.

      New scenario:
      Ash and co meet a person with a problem
      Team Rocket are sneeking about doing their own thing and randomly stumble upon Ash.
      Ash beats Team Rocket and the episode is done.

      They are not really a part of the plot of the episode anymore, just something on the side. The Pokabu episode really showed this to me and it was a sad thing to watch, since I'm just grown accustomed to the same ol' same old. It doesn't bother me that they're doing the same act over and over again. It didn't bother me in Kanto and still didn't bother me in Sinnoh. Yet now that they've changed, it's become awkward.

      They could've easily kept James' old character, but instead they threw that out as well. I can see it in his eyes.. :'(
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