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Nov 11, 2019 at 6:04 PM
May 14, 2006
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Dojyaaa~~aan, from Portugal

Pepsi_Plunge was last seen:
Nov 11, 2019 at 6:04 PM
    1. Locormus
      Well... That's just him having his own way with Iris since he's still broken hearted about Dawn being moved out of the animé..

      What is your opinion about the new Team Rocket? I kinda think they have depleted their souls.. I really don't like them anymore.. I would've been totally fine if they just went ahead and restarted them, as in finally kicking Wobbuffet and the others and then restarting like Ash did, but this whole new approach should've been done in Kanto or something.. But now they're something different and that changed the shows dynamic.
    2. Locormus

      My Gabite, is still a Gabite.. I've given up on ever getting all Sinnoh pokemon by this point.. Maybe when I see them English roms of White popping up will I give it another shot..

      Lol about the Dawn fanatics! Maybe I should put Teshub in the ignorelist as well.. His new sig annoys me.. He has that 'openly gay and proud' line in it.. That is of course fine for him to be.. But it just really makes me want to put 'I openly banged your mom and proud' in my sig..

      I don't get why homosexuals need to express that they're homo.. Isn't it the point of being human that nothing matters or differentiates us from eachother, that gender, interest and whatever color isn't something worth discussing as we're all human? But by putting such a stupid sentence in your sig you're actively searching out conflict..
    3. Bubblewrap
      You misunderstood me.
      I meant that I do not form my opinions on any trio by the interactions they have together, but I form my opinions on the actual characters themselves, which is why I like the DP trio the most so far as I like Dawn and Brock as characters, no matter how little they interacted. I didn't mean 'I don't like the BW trio because they interact poorly', because I'm pretty sure they are going to have great interactions, but they simply aren't my favourite because I don't think Dento and Iris will be my favourite characters.
    4. Zero Is Clearly Not Epic
    5. Locormus
      Lol, with I was actually Ev training my Gabite as well I do concure.. I'm actually going to check now..

      Time: 465:36 (Yikes)
      Pokemon seen: 369
      Obtained: 329

      Gabite currently at level 40: Naughty - 114/116/60/57/51/91 with EQ/Dragon Claw/Slash/Dig

      I've gotta find something for those last two spots.. but otherwise.. it's EV trained at that patch west of Celestic Town with the Machoke, Meditite, and Ponyta.. So I basically fled all the Graveler's, which is like I said one of the pokemon I sincerely hate.

      Lol, I just realized that I still don't have a Empoleon as well... I need ten pokemon from the Sinnoh Dex:

      1. Geodude
      2. Onix
      3. Empoleon
      4. Garchomp
      5. Bastiodon
      6. Heracross
      7. Aipom
      8. Ambipom ^- As you can tell, I hate honeytrees...
      9. Mismagius
      10. Palkia

      Lol, when you said big and samurai, I had to think about the TMNT :P Just that Mijumaru isn't a turtle.. Anyway, I don't have high expectations, since those would be unrealistic at this point, so I'd rather just wait the 14 days (Serebii probably gets his earlier then the rest) and be pleasantly surprised by what they turn out to be.

      Computer Tech, after doing Commerce, well.. my brother is doing Logistics so that's kind of the same thing, to me at least.. And he wants to quit it as well.. Lol :P

      I actually had a friend at my study who went from doing Media and Culture, to Social Geography.. Though those two are totally different in every way :P
    6. Locormus

      Lol, I'm a terrible game player.. one of the worst out there.. I've been playing Diamon for about 400 hours now, and I still don't have Garchomp... That said, I also don't have a Geodude, but that has to do with principalities.. The damn thing is everywhere! I'm just too lazy to train Gible to Garchomp.. I do play them though, and I still try to catch all that I can.. I probably need like ten or so of the Sinnoh dex.. since somehow my wifi and Palpark* don't work, I can't get any others..

      *It says I have to wait a day each time, so I wait a day, and I need to wait again.. constant relapsing.. Drives me nuts :P

      Don't you think it's odd how Serebii posted them on the main page, the images turn out fake, but he doesn't put them at the Fakemon part of the site? He's done this several times.. Trying to keep his image clean! xD

      A samurai would be cool, but I don't see it yet. I love to see Mijumaru2 use its two shells to use double blade attacks, since they come off and all :P

      Pokabu is going to be simple in design, it just can't go warrior pig on us. That's just impossible :P Like I said, I do expect Tsutaja3 to be somewhat the Grass version of Milotic, but less feminine anyway.. Starters have that 87.5% male ratio :P

      Anyway, I'm a Television and Populair Culture student, what's your poison? :P
    7. Locormus

      I always wonder, especially with other older fans, why are you still hooked to the franchise? To me it feels like a constant relapse, but I don't mind it! xD

      So.. the hot topic right now is the most likely fake starter evolutions... Lol, Combo Attacks are so yesterday aren't they? :P

      I mostly agree with what Mudkip43 said, Mijumaru and Pokabu are horrible. Mostly because the change is rather drastic with Mijumaru and Pokabu probably ending up part fighting is just the nail in the coffin for the Fire starters. They already have Stealth Rock to deal with and now we get a bulkier Infernape... IF TRUE.

      That said, I don't believe them.. The only pokemon with such a change in design, of the starters is.. dunno:

      Venusaur: Steadily built up to with the flowerbud, starting to bloom through the stages.
      Charizard: Steadily became a larger lizard at the end a big lizard with wings.
      Blastoise: Basically became a bigger turtle with every stage. The guns on the back were sudden though, but not major.
      Meganium: See Venusaur.
      Typhlosion: Just became larger and less cute.
      Feraligatr: Larger and way less cute.
      The other starters follow the same pattern. So I can't see that Mijumaru3 being true. Tsutaja3 however is something that is right on the mark with it being a 'Grass Snake' and all.
    8. JD
      Man I hope those starters are fake the Mijumaru and Pokabu one almost made me barf the only decent one is Tsutarja's which I'm don't really care for.
    9. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Only the mods can...
      Who do you think will be Ash's sixth Pokemon?
    10. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I knew Ash wouldn't give his strongest Pokemon to his best rival.

      The problem with Cyber is that he doesn't know when to stop and he makes threads for stupid and silly things which most people wouldn't think about.
    11. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      No I'm planning to start the Japanese part of the Anime with BW because I start taking Japanese a week before then. I'm kinda shocked that the battle actually took that long. I look at the pictures Serebii posts on the site however. I'm wondering what Regi said to Paul's Pokemon to make them start to cheer and look happy. Do you know what he said?

      I would have liked them to appear but they may appear in the BW filler saga. Is it just me or do you think that Swellow might be Ash's sixth slot?
    12. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Oh that would be tough. I only really have this forum.
    13. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness

      I otherwise post in the Nintendo and Other Video Game discusions.
    14. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Where do you mainly post? Aside from the PAD.
    15. Locormus
      Nèh, the way he talked in defence is also not very teenish, talking about stereotypes and stuff, lol when I was ten I was only thinking about.. cartoons, playing outdoors and Pokemon.. jeez, not much has changed in ten years, just the 'playing outdoors'-part could be switched for something else! xD
    16. JD
      Yeah I agree I just wish Torterra got better treatment this league it seems like Torterra's the Torkoal of the Sinnoh League ironically both of them are turtles/tortoises.
    17. JD
      Hey what do you think about the Paul battle so far I'm not so impressed Pikachu didn't need that win over Froslass the battle should have been at least a draw. And Gliscor should have knocked out Ninjask and Drapion instead of Infernape knocking out Ninjask.
    18. d4rk_tailed
      Oh yeah, sorry man, I posted in the thread that I fancied being a bit childish. Was a bit bored after watching the episode.....bit of a comedown to realise you have to wait another week.

      Sorry ;)
    19. Teshub
      the translation I got was from an actual japanese person which was posted in a blog. i would trust that one more.
    20. Teshub
      Is Sushi's first language Japanese? He should not beat around the bush, and just give us a definite translation if that is the case.
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