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Aug 14, 2020 at 1:08 AM
May 14, 2006
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Dojyaaa~~aan, from Portugal

Pepsi_Plunge was last seen:
Aug 14, 2020 at 1:08 AM
    1. Alfred the Second
      Alfred the Second
      Hey Pepsi, how are you?

      You seem to be avoiding PAD these days? :P
    2. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      You ready for that trade?
    3. Dragalge
      Exactly plus it balances out the 156 we got last generation.

      Ah I see. Yeah Pokémon like Manetric and Houndoom were good choices but others like Carnivine and Mantine could use one.

      And no Gen V Megas. :(
    4. Dragalge
      Yeah same here, but I do understand how Gamefreak was struggling with names for the new ones. That said I love all the new ones though!

      What was Gamefreak smoking with Gengar? Although I just figured out that Chesnaught laughs at everything MegaGengar throws at him with Bulletproof but....why Shadow Tag. .-.
    5. Dragalge
      So how are you liking X and Y so far?
    6. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      I actually have a friend safari with Protean Frogadier as well.
      But yeah that Quillidan would be much appreciated!
    7. Dragalge
      Pepsi plz tell me you like Delphox. ;_;
    8. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      Yeah I've still got it.
      I don't really need anything in exchange, unless you have someone who has Bulletproof Quillidan in their safari that be nice. But what do you have to offer?
    9. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      Thanks for that trade, I really needed that.
      Btw I have a Flawless Male/Jolly/Snow Cloak Swinub I'm giving for free if you want it.
    10. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      Aww dude...
      Why you no accept my battle requests?
    11. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      It's just in-general, many members of the anime forums seem to have a thing for straight up attacking a person, on a personal level, when they don't agree with them. I've seen The Great Butler for example and several others get bashed for not thinking the way other people do, you're free to not think like everyone else so actually attacking someone for what they say is just childish. The Haunter, Fonz, Charmed and Nymphia are recent members who have actually bashed me because I debated against them instead of having a discussion in good faith about the matter. All because they absolutely refuse to accept the fact that that's the way ratings work when I was discussing it in that thread made recently, The Fonz is also infamous for going after me simply because I criticized Ash and said he can take a loss against a Gym Leader. >_> Ugh, the childishness is cancerous to a heavy degree, considering going Tumblr mainly for in-depth Pokemon discussions. At least the people on there can carry a discussion in-good faith without needless name-calling. Then again, I've had obsessive Dawn fans threaten me because I said I found her personality to be meh.

      I think I've carried more engaging and friendly discussions with Platinum Fan. since he/she started watching the anime than I have with any of that bunch in these years I've been on this site.
    12. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      How do troublesome, flamey problematic members never get substantial bans?
    13. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      The Hikari and Satoshi fanbases, the majority of them on this forum, have gotta be the most flamey, trigger-happy group I've seen of any fanbase ever that will hate on you for simply having a different opinion of the characters in a negative fashion. This is coming from a Satoshi fan.
    14. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Well, she trains everyday to be a Rhyhorn racer, it's likely not her goal but a small side hobby and a little exposition is given to Fennekin and Froakie in the magazine so it's likely that's who she picks.
    15. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      I do think their serious look might redeem them, TR aren't bad characters, I just feel like putting them in every episode stunts the potential of a lot of episodes and episodic-ideas by the writers. I couldn't have seen episodes like the Cinncinno/Chillacino one in BW2 happening if TR were at DP-level, though they look pretty serious in the XY previews and plus it's at least nice their connected to Mega Evolution.

      Serena, well it's at least nice to know she'll be different from Hikari with the whole little Rhyhorn/Sihorn racing hobby, though I still hope we'll find out her goal soon. She does look kinda like a Hikari pallette swap but still I'll give her a chance, the connection to Satoshi is nice too. Still a little bummed she'll be getting Fokko/Fennekin. P:
    16. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      So, what do you think of the XY anime stuff thus far?

      Also do you have a Tumblr?
    17. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Hopefully the personality isn't apart of the palette swap.
    18. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      There exists difference though. Even in Kanto/Johto Brock in general got less focus and development than Misty did, while in BW Iris got most focus in cast after Ash. That was always case with male companions. Since writers never intended in first place to have them develop a lot as characters. Not in same amount main girls or Ash would develop anyway. They mostly serve purpose of older parental figure in cast which brings order ,settle down conflicts, takes care of Ash and co while providing humor, entertainment value and good dynamic within cast.

      But regardless compared to Brock you could tell Cilan was much more active as character in general thx to more active ambitions involvijng battling, various hobbies and different role than Brock performed.

      Agreed about Burgundy. Her motives behind becoming Connoisseur were of wrong nature, wanting to revenge Cilan and beat him at his own game. What i liked about this is that she wasn't one of those rivals which are usually superior to main protagonists having to catch up with them. Cabernet is opposite having to prove herself to others and Cilan falling behind, realizing how she is still far from his level and will never reach it in reality,and it would been much more desierable if she realized how she was following wrong path seeing mistakes of her way. Instead of having anticlimactic ending with no real closure just disappearing from face of earth.

      Ah so Misty isn't really popular in Japan? Sad to hear but if that is case than its not surprising why writers don't bring her back. I know she is definitely popular in USA, Europe etc having massive following and big fanbase, but if in Japan among homeland viewers and customers who are writer primary concern there doesn't exist much support or desire for character revival than its likely how she will never be seen again in person unfortunately.
    19. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Kinda true, but reason why there wasn't done much with him in second half was probably because they intended to replace him once 6th gen comes out not seeing need to dive more into character. If they planned to keep Cilan for longer they would put more effort into him to justify staying. Still you could feel his presence in most episodes through personality and interests being more active compared to Brock. And he battled incomparably more wishing that rivalry with Burgundy was more exploited, but alas.

      Regarding Misty i don't know what to think lol. We had HGSS remakes and they dropped opportunity. Than BW2 games came up and World Cup being perfect since it could both help move her story and current plot forward.
      But once again nothing. Than they go all in with references to Kanto and return of iconic first generation characters like Charizard, Clair returns, Brock is announced to come back in Cilan special etc. They had plenty of opportunities to bring her for at least one episode, be it in DA arc helping to promote games, at Pallet to have aside Brock meeting Cilan, have Misty meet Iris too but they avoided on all of them.
      If they could have returned Jasmine, Jessibelle, Butch and Cassidy,Locker etc there was no reason why they couldn't fit her in somewhere in last 7/8 years.

      She is popular, many would like her back and its kinda obvious how her story wasn't fleshed out as much as it could have been having room left to do more.
      I say give us new characters, but dont abandon previous creations and started work about them bringing them back for sequels/for season or half a season(like N or Alexa were), thats not long and can give them proper tying and some more spotlight). Especially if they are in new games. Wouldn't that be better and more endearing than current state of things? At least to me it would bringing unexpected suprrises and shaking things up from time to time.
      But meh, i came to acceptance how its not smart to expect much in this show.
    20. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      From humans i miss Misty. I know its kinda obvious lol, but I kinda miss her hotheaded, outspoken and lively attitude bringing lot of spontaneous dynamic, identity and charm in anime making things more spicy(at least imo). We haven't seen her since 2005 in person and some update, development and how much she changed would be appreciated. And i feel she never got proper closure leaving in similar manner like Ambipom never accomplishing her dreams but also not giving up from them taking gym out of necessity not clearing up her future plans. You could tell by incapability of handling Psyduck in hosos and her personal feers how she had room left to improve as trainer, develop quite unevolved team(like Horsea, Goldeen, Starmie), expand on her water master dream and fascination over Lorelei doing building on it. Its logical. E4 are best mono specialists and Misty goal was to become best water trainer so going on venture to rank up as trainer, learn new things and pass tasks(evakuators)to come in consideration for E4 apprentice creates fresh pootential to do some interesting development arc and way to improve.

      As realist i doubt she will even get cameo, let alone return for something longer. But still putting my bias aside i think she had potential left in her and could offer more to anime.
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