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Nov 21, 2019 at 5:04 AM
May 14, 2006
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Dojyaaa~~aan, from Portugal

Pepsi_Plunge was last seen:
Nov 21, 2019 at 5:04 AM
    1. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Ah i see, yeah i liked BW group too feeling full of life and energy. My second favorite after original trio which i still find had best level of understanding, emotion and comdey between themselves. But thats matter of opinion.

      Speaking of Brock personally i had no issues with him until DP where he got awfully neglected, in Johto and AG he had several memorable moments, interacted great with Misty, May, even Max and made some progress as beeder learning about pokeblocks, new potions, applying his knowledge of healing pokemon, even had nice bonding with brother Forest and came on good terms with his family.
      True i can understand your concern over Iris/Cilan ending downplayed in case they stayed. Though to be fair Brock alone isn't credible indication through which we can determine how would any character be treated in case of return or longer stay. Because each has different role, personality and characterisziuc which define them. If anything Cilan and Iris had more active careers and many interests beside their dreams giving to writers lot of material out there to expand and keep them entertaining. I just don't think Brock alone is viable proof through which we can determine how anyone else would follow ame faith. Especially if staying for much shorter. Because staying for two generations isnpt same like staying for four.

      OMG i finally met someone else who miss Ambipom too. Totally agree, her leaving was completely random and out of blue, incredibly forced too siddenly developing urge for ping pong. Which made no sense being blatant plotline developed in last min ute to find way to get rid of her.
    2. Dragalge
      Well I reported it and it's all taken care of. :>

      What do you think of the new Pokémon?
    3. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Serena looks like promising character, i could see her being at least main rival if shes not travel companion. Clemont has iffy design but ill hold on judgment until we get more info and ill admit his interest in inventing things and technology might pull with itself some fun spats and interactions in main cast, same applies to Bonnie.

      Still i wish Cilan was kept not being fleshed out enough imo, but now i guess after one regional cameo we will never see him in person again. Usual writer practice of dumping and abandoning previous creations.

      All in all they are not my dream cast, but ill take what they have. Serena looks so far as most interesting addition.

      In other news tell me my friend. Out of sheer curiosity has there been any character in pokemon you wished to stay for longer, that you felt he wasn't fleshed out and developed enough wanting to see more? Or being just plain entertaining wanting to continue receiving dynamic and appeal value his presence brought to show?
      I mean do you miss any?

      p.s. Btw i forgott you are coming from Portugal. Cool, my brother went on student exchange in Spain to study English and Croatistics but is planning in next few months to visit Portugal. If opportunity arises that is.:D
    4. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Hi whats up?

      As you may know trailer has been released, so did poster. From looks of it we will have Ash, Clemont, his sister Bonnire and likely Serena as main character. What are your impressions?

      I mean we might be getting for first time more balanced version of two girls/two boys in same cast.
    5. Dragalge
      Speaking of bad rep, I got neg'd for posting my supposed planned X and Y teams:

      You need help! This is the worst team I ever seen assembled.
    6. Rohanator
      Don't as me lol, if I were in charge I WOULDn't really care to de-age her. But I can see the writers wanting to keep Ash and the main girl on the same age level, for more natural bonding, friendship and all. The male sidekick is always the more mentor type of character while the female character's relationship with Ash gets more focus. I don't particularly mind this group the way they are. The three main characters now appear to be around the same age which is honestly better than this older guy following two ten-year-olds imo. Sure there's Bonnie now to knock off the balance but at least she's someone's sibling.
    7. Wulava
      Thanks. It's heavily influence by Sugimori.
    8. Canada
      I just got repped for that post now, but it was for "summing up all the iris fanboys, u da gawd".

      I think Bullkid sent it.
    9. Canada
      Lol thanks. I got a funny image in my head of that actually happening while I was typing that.

      Also, I was going to mention this earlier but I like how you put your name when your rep people all the time, the whole anonymous thing is annoying as hell. 8D
    10. Pokemaniac24
      Butler took it as an attack. Try talking to him.
    11. Canada
      Suggesting anyone makes no sense, Ellie makes the decisions anyway.

      Does the poll section even get frequent replies?

      What's with the mods on your page?
    12. Canada
      I meant that's what he told me at Bulbagarden because the conversation became about the mods like it always does when I ask how long his ban is. It wasn't why he was banned. He was banned because of a spamming infraction.
    13. Canada
      Now that is a lot of pokemon stuff. That Piplup doll looks pissed off. And the Skyla on that book cover in the last picture....um. o_o Snacks in advance? I usually only use my game consoles for 30 mins at a time. And I can't even find mine.

      Sounds great. Can't wait to see the Gardevoir.

      Also I was talking to Robert at BMGF after he was banned from here. He thinks Dman should be a mod.
    14. Canada
      This is his most famous awful post.

      Rate from 1 to 10 how suggestive were the Skyla posters? : / I'll think about it, too much trolling can get kinda weird. ;D
    15. Canada
      Marbi Z the MASTER FUR******. He used to be a regular in General Pokemon Discussion.

      I don't go to gamefaqs so I wouldn't know.
    16. Canada
      People fantasysing about Gardvoir and Lopunny.
      You just reminded me of one member on this forum, but I don't know if he's still active.
    17. Dragalge
      It's obvious what the shock is:


      And clarification on the starter & evolution from Smash plz. :p
    18. Dragalge
      October 1st sounds like a neat time to go in the dark. I'm doing the same however on October 10th or earlier to avoid spoilers too. :)

      I hope for Orotto (please be Grass/Ghost), llama and one-three new more Pokémon. Hopefully the max of Pokémln we will know is 35 which leaves plenty of room for discovery.

      MegaEvolution predictions for me would be MegaTyphlosion, MegaSableye (or it's evolution), and a couple of Unova Megas.
    19. Dragalge
      Bolt actually lives in the same area I reside. ._.

      But yeah I love how Hydrohs and the others constantly counterargue him.

      I like the idea of Pokébank, I can restart X or Y while still keeping my team from the previous play through!
    20. Dragalge

      Glad that a new mod is modding the XY threads, but it hurts me that people are complaining about an optional and imexpensive cloud storage. :(
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