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  • Scary thing is people aren't actually joking about either Monet or Caesar lol. And it's probably because they're logias. Well that and Monet's a women..
    What's your favorite awful Sanji theory? A lot of really terrible ones have been popping up all over the place.

    The worst ones to me are any one that revolves around his death like he's actually gonna die or something lol.
    He's definitely a good candidate. He's got the authority to pull this off too, but I will always stick to the mafia theory because it would make the most sense in the end.

    And their leader being one of the Gorosei gives them the ability to basically do whatever. He obviously couldn't have been the only head judging by the fact Brook even knew who they were implying they were a thing pre Roger's
    era. It's intriguing regardless of the outcome.
    If anything the recent chapter made it clear the Vinsmoke's have some type of long time history considering Brook's reaction. They're probably a huge mafia organization with a lot of power.

    It's interesting stuff.
    I don't really see it as a dumb theory, in fact that's probably one of the better theories I've heard all week lol.
    3 eye's girl kinda felt like a legit Big Mom member to me but I dunno. I guess she'd be pretty cool. Maybe not Crew member good.
    "The heavenly Yaksha has defeated Doflamingo!!"

    To be honest I'm gonna kinda miss their awfulness, but only for this type of sh** alone.
    I f****** wish you could go to jail for trolling or be fined at the very least.

    This little persistent s*** gotta go lol. I think you know who I'm talking about.
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