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  • Those are fair opinions. Yeah, I'm enjoying it. I'd give it a 7/10 right now. I'm sure if I averaged all my weekly episode ratings it'll probably amount to a 6-7 anyway. I definitely have enjoyed the show more from episode 50 onwards, and hoping it gets better from XY&Z.
    Usopp and Robin can at least have proper fights for once. Sanji especially. Zoro and Brook have Wano, Chopper has the mystical Zoans, Nami and Franky will probably find something minor to do so i'm not really worried about screen time.

    What concerns me most is the pacing.
    I'm most intrigued on how Oda's gonna go about with Chopper during Kaido's arc. He really needs something.
    Fair enough.

    She got deconfirmed as a SH and that's all I could have really asked for this chapter. Not that I was completely worried she'd actually join.
    It's actually kind of rather hilarious to see this many people trying to defend Rebecca as a character after the recent chapter. I mean I can respect people liking the resolution between she and her father and all, but Rebecca just ain't worth it.
    Your post got me to thinking, if TriPokalons are the beauty pageants of the Poke-World than Contest are surely the dog shows. :p

    How are you, friend?
    Just play as May in OR/AS Contests, be kawaii uguu waifu as possible with a team consisting of Lopunny, Gardevoir, Braixen, Audino, Sylveon, Goodra and Altaria, annd get over it. Because the moe stuff is not going to end soon as Japan's marriage rates drop like a brick.
    You shall be assimilated to Borg. But seriously I just found the picture and thought it would be fun to mess with you.

    Also that sounds hilarious.
    "Futile," how fitting a term to use.

    Yeah the, "beauty pageants" (seems like many on here just refer to TriPokalons as that...) aren't my cup of tea either, I don't hate them, they just aren't my thing. It just feels a little too stereotypical, girls only, cooking, dressing up, looking attractive, sparkles, more dressing up, effeminate-looking male MC, plus TriPokalons don't interest me because they don't really feel like they're much about the Pokemon, the whole reason I keep up with and loved the show in the first place. Regardless of that, token trainers like Shauna and Aria at least made something good out of it in their episodes by showing it was about the Pokemon mainly and them working as a team. Contest were about bringing out the beauty in Pokemon, there was emphasis on needing to play with them and how they're the stars of the show, you have to learn to make *them* shine. TriPokalons are more about the humans with Pokemon as accessories, not to mention the stereotypical nature of them is a bit unhealthy, no wonder otaku love them so much and call them, "Waifu Wars." What's the Master Class going to be about? How to find a husband? ._. Also, man, that nurse outfit why? Directly after the Florges outfit with it hugging her chest and backside, why did that need to happen so soon afterwards? :/

    :U I'm hoping we eventually get more things like MegaEvoSpecials, character arcs. like Corni's, etc. I think XY actually excels nicely at handling its misc. characters, Corni, Alan + Manon, Tierno, Shota, aren't bad by any means as characters on their own.
    Yeah, Otaku-baiting is problematic. One of the reasons I find the whole "Waifu" thing with anime fans to be a bit creepy, not to mention these are 10-year-old girls. Not gonna lie, I wouldn't have believed Otaku culture was alive until I saw it but 4chan / Tumblr proves it. So many disgusting comments about Eureka, a little girl and the Serena obsession is...ew.

    If you don't care for a PokeGirl like Serena, what would you like in a new series? Not insulting you or anything, I'm just curious.
    So you liked Kasumi and Haruka too? I know you loved Iris but both those chicks are awesome as well. I actually kind of miss them, first two PokeGirls ever.
    That's some NSA tier nonsense you're spouting.

    But yes, I'm glad people are recognizing us as the deities we are. Together, we shall abolish the cult of Arceus to bring the true religion of Pokéani fandom.
    Personally I tend to leave things on their course these days. I just try to stop the course of action if someone says something completely stupid, or if the discussion has entered an infinite loop. Most people don't care about my posts anyways, outside of little kids who get annoyed at my sardonic merchandise posts. I don't see much productivity in posting even if it is for sake of humour.

    I understand your reservation, but again, it is going to be the de facto route for Serena for the next years. They are not going to change it for sake of anything, considering how hard and long it took them to get there in the first place.

    That's good. But since I pretty much live here, that's not going to do it for me.
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