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  • Yeah I agree I just wish Torterra got better treatment this league it seems like Torterra's the Torkoal of the Sinnoh League ironically both of them are turtles/tortoises.
    Hey what do you think about the Paul battle so far I'm not so impressed Pikachu didn't need that win over Froslass the battle should have been at least a draw. And Gliscor should have knocked out Ninjask and Drapion instead of Infernape knocking out Ninjask.
    Oh yeah, sorry man, I posted in the thread that I fancied being a bit childish. Was a bit bored after watching the episode.....bit of a comedown to realise you have to wait another week.

    Sorry ;)
    the translation I got was from an actual japanese person which was posted in a blog. i would trust that one more.
    Is Sushi's first language Japanese? He should not beat around the bush, and just give us a definite translation if that is the case.
    Well I know that, however Staraptor is my guess for this battle, because Ash doesn't use it a lot.
    I'm a cocksucking faggot who likes to bitch and moan about a kid's cartoon show about an electric rat.
    I really hope Ash will use Infernape in the battle vs Kenny but I'm not sure if it will appear. Kenny will probably use Floatzel.
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