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  • I don't say that Zygarde will not be featured in the next movie, it's just that its role will be reduced due to focus on Volcanion (or they may focus on both, I don't know). And I doubt they will skip showing Volcanion in it, because it's his turn to be revealed this February, and I don't think GF would skip a year to reveal the last Gen VI event Pokémon because that year's movie may focus on the Pokémon Z legend. And hey, Volcanion's event in Z may be bigger than what we got with him in X/Y and OR/AS, so it would certainly work as promotion for Z.
    It will likely focus on Volcanion. Remember, the teaser for the 18th movie featured Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre battling, and that ended in the Mega Specials. I think we 're dealing with a similar situation here.
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