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    Sure~! ^_^

    Sure~! ^_^
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    Thanks~ ^_^

    Thanks~ ^_^
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    Is this a good team? :3

    Thanks~ One thing though, I really don't want to get rid of Rain Dance on Pachirisu, because Thunder has 70% accuracy, and Rain Dance makes it so Thunder always hits. But really, thanks, lots~! ^_^
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    Are you playing as the Male or Female character?

    Female. I actually am a girl, so yeps~ I just don't understand why everyone hates Lyra. :c
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    Is this a good team? :3

    Sorry, I'll think of some. ^_^;
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    ~♥ .-Twinleafshipping// (Dawn x Barry)-. ♥~

    I'll add you~ Sorry. ^_^; We'll stop. Actually, this is about the anime, game, and manga. (even though the manga is very different, but whatever.) Do you want to join? :3
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    Is this a good team? :3

    I'm going to play through Pokémon Platinum, and I want to know if this is a good team: Empoleon (Not changing) Moveset: Surf Brick Break Drill Peck Shadow Claw Drifblim Moveset: Fly Shadow Ball ??? ??? Garchomp Moveset: Earthquake Dragon Pulse Return...
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    Misty's Magnificent trade shop

    Yay~ Can I trade with you around 1:30 p.m. tomorrow? :3 This is my FC: 3568-3738-4249
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    What was your first level 100 Pokemon?

    My Draco Meteor event Jirachi~ I love him~ ^_^
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    ~♥ .-Twinleafshipping// (Dawn x Barry)-. ♥~

    Yeah~ Barry is my favorite guy for Dawn. They're good together in the Manga, too. Ash is kind of cute for Dawn, too, but I prefer Ash with Misty, plus I see Dawn and Ash as best friends. They high five and stuff. I hate how everyone sees the high-fives as Pearlshipping hints. They're just...
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    GameMaster's Art Shop

    Thanks~ I love it~! ^_^
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    Item and Pokerus Thread

    I can give away any starter (except Treeko) with Pokérus. I can also let it hold one of these items: PP Max Rare Candy Lucky Egg Exp. Share I'm looking for: Shiny Pachirisu (Female) Shiny Minun Shiny Buneary Shiny Oshawott Thanks~ PM me if you're interested~
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    Favorite Gen II Pokemon?

    Suicune and Croconaw~! I love water types so much~ Croconaw is great when it's a Feraligatr. I like Croconaw's design more, though.
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    Best Psychic in Silver?

    I'd have to say Starmie is a pretty good Psychic type. It's also a good water type.
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    #493 Arceus

    Anyone got an Arceus? I have a movie 14 V-Create Victini. :3 If you want something else, PM me~