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  • Well, we'll see. I think she's really is trying to quit, focus on real life stuff, so this could be her out. But oh well, good talking to you!
    Yeah, I've talked to her about it. By the sound of it, she's planning on giving the Arceus and Scizor back. She's just being aggravating for the sake of trolling people.

    And yes, she's probably trying to get banned, lol.
    I'm honestly pretty overprotective when it comes to my family and friends, so I don't like that they'd accuse her of something like scamming without real proof. Besides, the case against her is pretty flimsy. You've pretty much got a guy that said he traded her stuff to clone and didn't even wait one hour before making a thread accusing her of being a scammer. Now that this has been brought up, people can't even wait one day to let her respond before accusing her of the same thing. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

    As for the sharing accounts thing, I don't think that's any secret, lol. I mean, she got Shiny Magmortar banned for using his account. Besides, the OP of that thread already proved with screenshots that either she has an alt or she used someone else's account, so me bringing up her access to other accounts wouldn't really change much. All it proves is that she didn't make that alt just to defend herself.

    I get what you're saying, but I'm going to probably defend my friends anyway just because that's who I am, and they're going to suspect her of account sharing or making alts because of those screenshots regardless of what I say.
    I was inactive between November and now, so I was removed as an admin. But I'm back now, so I'm back to being a supermod. Gotta start pulling my weight, close threads, ban people etc.
    Same, not that i lost interest, i was just finding myself.

    Top of the world, brother. Been taking jobs programming new apps, some tanking, others not. Hopefully I will make the one that gets me known sooner or later
    But it wants to ask you something.

    And in turn, I have a number of banned members on my friends list. Let's hope you aren't next. =p
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