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  • Well i don't know how expensive it's in the US but for my tuition fees only it was more than $3000. That's not counting the text books and my rent.
    Graphic design sounds awesome :)..... i had to pay for college. its really expensive and this is only my first year.
    Quite some nostalgia goggles you're wearing to claim that that the first two gens are all based off of "animal like creatures"
    I like it here :) but yeah its weird being a in different language school lol. At least my roommates and I all get along very well and people always tell me that they like my accent haha :p
    kewl =). I started college so Im 4 hours away from home. Im taking the Veterinary Technology - Wildlife Rehabilitation program. Its a little hard for me cuz im at an english college eventho I went to french schools all my life. I had no choice to choose this college cuz its the only place in ontario where they give that program.
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