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  • I remember you telling me that your birthday was after mine, so happy birthday!

    Now hopefully you'll see this message soon enough.
    Since my dog was found malnourished in a barn she still loves to be carried. That's why the vet only said she would be 30-40 pounds because at 6 weeks she still fit in my hand.
    Yeah, my puppy was 6 pounds when they found her, now she's 80 and still thinks she's 6 pounds. And one of my classes next semester is online. It's forensic psychology.
    Well I actually changed to neuroscience and hopefully I get a human factors internship at an air force base around here.
    How's the nursing job going? Ever since I moved out of medical study I don't hear as much nurse stuff.
    Sorry about the late reply. I was on a short hiatus. I'm glad you like the mobile version! Honestly, I don't play many mobile games, but this game is too darn impressive! The Kotor and Battlefront games are very near and dear to me. I had Starwars Kotor 1&2 for Xbox and Starwars Battlefront 1&2 for Xbox.

    Oh my gawd! Yes!!!! The hype is real, I am freaking stoked for Battlefront! Also, did you see the new Starwars trailers? When I saw Han and Chewie I lost it. "Chewie, we're home."
    No prob! Same here! I poured so many hours into both of the Kotor games back in the day. I nerd lifed both of those games.
    Yo, I played Kotor on my phone for about an hour and my battery held up pretty good. I started playing the game with a 100% charge and after I was done my charge was at 85%. The game runs pretty good I have no complaints so far.
    I know, I was expecting something that at least looked serious. The Space Jam website looks more well put together.
    Oh, hello there! Thanks for dropping by. I was seriously debating leaving that remark, as I really don't want to head straight into a round two of debate style mortal kombat, especially not on my puny phone, of all things. That and well, the Fed seems to treat the absence of feminist debaters in the topic as some triumphant sign that he's "won" It's more akin to all the kids leaving you alone in the sand box because they don't want to play with you. In reality, any serious attempt to engage ends up in a special pleading over definitions. Which, ironically is the same tactic creationists love to deploy. If I had a nickel for every time a young earther wanted to know or contested my definition of science...

    Anyways, I do quite like him though. I really appreciate anyone that knows how to effectively and articulately communicate an anti-religious stance. You have to count your allies where you can find them, I guess. The good thing is, there's a movement known as atheism+ which acknowledges that atheists can also be misogynist and racist, and it's goal is to get them on board with social justice causes. PZ Meyers himself admits that there's a problem of sexism in the atheist community, and that became pretty apparent after the treatment of Rebecca Watson in the infamous elevator gate fiasco. Dawkin's said herding atheists is like herding cats, we're working on it, but it may take some time.

    Oh goodness, you've got me rambling now. I'm a hot mess somedays, I swear. Thanks for the compliment on the username change too, by the way! I hope it enhances my super special snowflake cred here. :p
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Ignore the shitty album cover for You Don't Know What To Do the song actually slays
    I don't recall such a remark either, I just saw an opportunity for a joke so I took it, sarcasm is so hard to convey on the internet.
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