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Pesky Persian
Last Activity:
Jan 6, 2017
Mar 26, 2011
Likes Received:
Evil Scumbags, Inc.

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Pesky Persian

Caffeine Queen, from Evil Scumbags, Inc.

Pesky Persian was last seen:
Jan 6, 2017
    1. Arvis
      zomg sounds lik u hav a shortage of meowtss please give them to teh ppl les fortunate them moi
    2. Arvis
      pls halp me i ned a meowth
    3. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      <3333333333333 it's late but i agree
    4. Nulava
      Cool. I appreciate you telling me that.

      Yeah I understand. Believe me your not the only one who does that. Thanks for considering it though.
      My FS is Dragon. Sliggoo, Gabite, and the majestic Dragonair. Just PM me any time your ready. :)
    5. Nulava
      I never played Final Fantasy before, would you recommend it to a first timer?
      When you get a chance, lets exchange Friend Codes for Friend Safari. :)

      Anyways, it was nice talking to a random intelligent person like yourself. :)
    6. Nulava
      What other games interest you?
      Whats your honest opinion on the XY games?

      I mostly stick to entertainments and general chat thread in Misc. Im not the best debater, which is why I stay away from it. Also you get negative reps if someone don't like your point of view. :(
    7. Nulava
      Cool. I heard that Tumblr had some interesting stuff, just never had a chance to check it out.
      I really like the one that you had before, you know the one with the Pokemon trainer sprite riding a bike saying "No". That one was just awesome. :D

      Just out of curiousity
      Are you still into Pokemon? I always see you in Miscellanous, especially in the debate forums.
    8. Nulava
      Yeah it does. :P

      Your profile pic also got me crying as well. It doesn't make sense to argue with stupid people.
      Where you be getting these kinds of pics and gifs? :)
    9. Nulava
      Your signature tho. :)
    10. Psychic
      Thank you, ahaha. And I so know that feeling - I keep wanting to rep the same people. :< Glad you like.
    11. Interference
      Was just looking at your recent VMs after you talking about a "pest problem".

      Gotta say, I laughed when I saw the "pest's" name slashed out.
    12. Sadib
      I think we should be best friends forever.
    13. Sadib
      Bill Nye wasn't trying to divide the two communities, quite the opposite. He was trying to teach how Young Earth Creationism isn't a valid view of the world. He did it in a very humble way. It must have been very hard to be extremely condescending to Ken Ham. That guy is a complete joke.

      I like talking to people.
    14. Sadib
      Speaking of terrible debaters, have you seen Bill Nye's debate with Ken Ham?
    15. Kirby
      I am reading your recent VMs and I am dying lmao
    16. Sadib
      But I only post in the debate forum.
    17. Sadib
      Why don't you like me? :(

      We should be friends. We're the same age.
    18. Sadib
      Why do you hate me? :(
    19. Sadib
      You can get the other person in trouble though.
    20. Sadib
      You could have gotten your rep back up. It's against the rules for people to abuse the rep system.
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    Evil Scumbags, Inc.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I am a being made entirely of caffeine and anxiety.