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  • No Problem! :D

    Hopefully I wouldn't end up on your Sig like that. :p

    Its not a problem. We can do it this week. I'll hit you up. :)
    Well that sucks. I wanted to laugh even more. Well thanks for letting me know. And lol for people who wanted to be intimidating, their response to Chu Chu Jelly was positively pathetic.
    Well you picked a good excuse then. Zelphon's posts were so creepy they were painful to look at. ;/ Like they were worse than my VM page and I can admit that's pretty terrible.

    And dammit @ the 4chan thread getting deleted before I got a chance to see if anyone bashed me. Oh well.
    be a rebel

    (don't actually). Also you really should get mIRC or another IRC client one day. Mibbit must be a pain :S
    oh you should have seen me reading through 40 pages of that mess

    not a fun day. It's ok though, I'm sure it'll come back. It's really Ellie's/Kreis' decision since they're the heads of misc but I'm confident in it coming back eventually. In the meantime there's always irc ;]
    You never know.

    Cool. Thats what I would have said too. XD
    JK, wait until your third Pokemon, then you can say bummer. :)
    Sorry you didn't make it. :(

    How about tomorrow on Wednesday?

    [Im assuming that you are Xanni. Your Safari is Rock with Dwebble, Onix, ???????
    I need you to be online to figure out your third Pokemon.] :)
    Yeah the same for me. My parents even send me to camp so I can enjoy myself as well. Manhunt was definitely my favorite, it was far more entertaining and fun than regular hide and seek. When it came to sports, I hated Volleyball, only because I was afraid that someone was going to spike the ball into my face. :p

    Pesky, on Thursday can you go online so I can get your third Pokemon from your safari? :)
    Just wanted to say, you had one awesome childhood with all those awesome games you were playing. ;)
    argh who to choose, Meownce or Katy Purry, they're both so witty..or should i say kitty...
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