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Recent content by Petal

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    .:TM's Full Color Pokemon (and other stuff) Shop:.

    Hey, it's me again.. If you don't mind could you please do me a Haunter? I know you've got couple of requests ATM but I don't mind waiting. Take your time.
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    .:TM's Full Color Pokemon (and other stuff) Shop:.

    Lol.. Hydra's, last I saw one of those was years ago in ZF [/offtopic]
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    .:TM's Full Color Pokemon (and other stuff) Shop:.

    Amazing, I hope you don't mind me regularly requesting?
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    .:TM's Full Color Pokemon (and other stuff) Shop:.

    Thanks heaps for the Absol, it looks mad.. any chance that you could also draw me a Fire Blastoise with twin flamethrowers?
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    .:TM's Full Color Pokemon (and other stuff) Shop:.

    Hey, could you please draw me an Absol lying down licking it's paws? Thanks in advance.
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    World of Warcraft Club.

    Bump for WoW! Ldoubleyou - 80 Rogue - Aman'Thul : http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Aman%27Thul&n=Ldoubleyou
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    About EV training

    www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/xxxxxx replace xxxxxx with your pokemons name D:
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    ~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

    Got the game a few days ago, had my eggs prepared in diamond, traded them over.. turns out I sent over a buneary o.O and three lotads, two of which had the wrong egg movs.. D'OH.. So out of the 6 pokemon I had lined up I got 3; Absol Growlithe Lotad Luckily my Buneary had Thunder/Fire Punch...
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    D/P EV Guide & Discussion V3

    Yes, if you reduced their EV's in each stat to 0, you could EV train from scratch. Although you're better off focusing on a pokemon's strengths and not compensating for it's weaknesses.
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    Do you have any regrets on D/P?

    It's when you hold L+R+Start+Reset and it resets your DS so you can re-encounter a legendary/rare pokemon to try and get it shiny/right nature/IV's.
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    )!~#Nicks Sprite Shop($%^

    Palletes Pokemon: Marill Pallete #: 8
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    World of Warcraft

    You can delete WoW accounts? :O -GASP-. And I really cannot see how you can prefer having a runescape members account, it just lets you fish in better places. Also, from what I've heard runescape got screwed over with some new rules or something. I can admit, getting to atleast level 20 is...
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    Hey, not much. Yourself?

    Hey, not much. Yourself?
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    How do YOU counter Garchomp... (Discussion and BRAINSTORM!)

    Rhyperior will fall to STAB'd Eearthquakes.
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    Catching Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar - READ FIRST POST

    Has anybody had any luck chaining Swablu? The best three Swablu chains I've got are 17/19/20