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Peter Quill
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  • Awesome, thanks! I'll probably have to go through the three I've already got first, but I'll be sure to tackle some of these next (probably starting with Little Busters!, unless I really hate Clannad for some reason). I'll also let you know if I think you should try any of the ones I'm planning on playing. I've heard about some of the adaptions, but I usually like original versions more, plus I'm liking visual novels way too much. I think I've also heard of Stein's Gate and Fate/Stay Night, but I thought they were manga...? Well, I'll look into them at any rate.
    Oh, good. tbh, 999 was the first I'd ever tried, and even though apparently a focus on the narrative doesn't always sit well with people, I loved it. But it also made Ever 17's lack of gameplay a bit surprising, but I loved it as well, so I think visual novels are right up my alley. Are there any others you'd recommend? (even though I haven't played them yet, I've already downloaded Never 7, Clannad, and Corpse Party)

    Okay. If you do need them, I'd have to find the links again, but as long as they're still working, I remember how I got them, so we should be fine. Actually, I'm not even sure that downloading it would be illegal, since the company that localized the game is completely defunct.
    I'm sure it will. I also kind of hope that it doesn't have a Nonary Game, or has two or something, because if all the characters (from both games) I hope appear do, plus new ones, it'll be way over 9 (plus a game at a supposedly-monitored space launch practice seems a bit of a stretch)(but then again... ah, Goddammit, I'm about to write way too much, so I won't). I also think that pidgeonholing the game in kind of hurt VLR, a little bit.

    It's very good, in a way. The story possibly edges out even 999 a little bit (well, not in my opinion, but it's very close). The thing is, it has no gameplay at all, so it's pretty much literally a visual novel. If you're okay with that, I'd definitely recommend it. And I was going to offer you the links to download it since it's impossible to find legally, but it seems you're on top of that.
    Nooo, Clover was pretty much my favorite character in 999 (I agree that she pretty much sucked in VLR, though). Yeah, I don't really have too many theories, either. Maybe thinking that there's still more to Quark, and... well, a bunch of other little things that I was arguing with people on GameFAQs about. Yeah, Sigma makes a lot of stuff he does funny with that, especially all the hitting on young girls he does. And I remember reading that Phi was designed by the author to make people think of a female Santa, so you're at least partially right. I suppose we'll just have to wait to see whether that is relevant or just misdirection.

    Incidentally, have you ever heard of/played Ever 17?
    I did indeed (got it a day after it came out, sank my entire weekend into beating it). 999 was better in my opinion, but it was still pretty good (definitely a few mind****s - I can't believe people would play VLR without 999 first), and hopefully the next sequel comes out sooner rather than later. Do you have any exciting theories or anything about it you want to discuss, perchance?
    Yeah, I gave myself a break over Christmas but I kind of have to start on my work now.

    Ahaha, the amount of guards do get p annoying if your notoriety is high. Playing ACIII today and got so swamped by guards it wasn't even funny. :mad:
    You too. :> Yeah, like my whole family has been sick for the past couple of days. Damn winter. How goes life (apart from being sick and all that :u)?

    oh and I saw this

    I get frustrated with AC just because I'm bad at it.
    and the first game is still sort of finding its feet so the gameplay as a whole is kind of frustrating. Gets better in the later games.
    I slept in until 4, accidentally, so I didn't have much of a day. Haha. I've been watching Netflix all evening.

    What's up in your neck of the woods?
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