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Peter Quill
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  • If I want to have a certain time to say my giveaway thread is closed, but not actually close it (like say it is closed on the thread until im ready to re-open) am I allowed to do that?
    Hey, I was wondering if you could explain the rules of an RPG signup thread to me. I know the plot must be at least 400 characters but I need some help. :) I've forgotten the rules.
    Hi, can you please close my giveaway thread? I'll be releasing the leftovers soon and I don't want people to request something I don't have anymore.
    Ty in advance :]
    Ah, right. School's dragging me down too, since October is unfortunately one of the busier months, so I completely understand. Thanks a bunch! :]
    Hi, I really hate to pester you like this, but I have a question about my giveaway thread.
    I submitted it a little over two weeks ago iirc, and I haven't gotten any messages concerning its denial or approval. Have the giveaway forum mods been busy or has it just been overlooked?
    Again, sorry for bothering you about this, since the rules state that you can't go around asking mods about thread approvals, but it's been a pretty long time. I wouldn't have sent you a VM otherwise.
    Oh. I see. Skins and stuffs? Also, any reason so many staff changes recently? And well name changing policy just got strict this time around. :p
    So, hey there. I see you're here from a long time. How was the forum when you joined? I mean what all has changed?
    stop being rude Peeta

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