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Peter Quill
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  • also good looks ;)

    e: I had so many gifs. Picking one was too hard. :[

    I'm getting all the love tonight.

    Thanks though :p. I did a lot of stuff on Classical Gender in Greece at University. It conjures up some world-class relativism from some people.
    "What are you dressing up as for Halloween, Matt?'"

    "Something from Avengers. Iron Man or Captain America."

    "Go as Captain America. You look like him."

    Like, the biggest compliment ever?
    Also Chris Evans is the sexiest man alive (and if you disagree fight me)
    You sir have impeccable taste.
    Okay, I understand I may have misread that somewhat then. I was trying to think of possible responses, from just a simple apology ("I wasn't trying to leave anyone out, but I apologize for sounding rude") to a more detailed apology ("I apologize; I have trouble keeping up with who's available for debate...."), to a response expressing some disagreement ("Wait, even though my forgetting was bad, I didn't say I only wanted to debate SunnyC!). I went back and forth, and, had I been talking to myself out loud, I might have looked MPD. Thanks for showing me that I didn't need to let that make me go psycho--now I can save psychosis for something else!
    Yeah, I actually got kinda miffed to be honest when he said "You don't know how divorces work if that's your argument."

    It's like seriously A-hole, you don't even know me. A lot of his other posts just make him seem like a dick. :/
    Haha, I honestly just thought it was a hilariously blunt way to reply to him.

    e: Oh, you deleted that. Oops.
    It was awesome. Class started again today, and I was kinda peeved because I had just finished summer session not too long ago. I went to all my classes being annoyed and in a bad mood, but then I met some hot guys. One is straight probably, but the other one has to definitely be bisexual, because the way he was looking at me wasn't something that straight people do. That, and he payed attention to me a lot. Like I asked a friend what book she got, and he walks towards me all of a sudden and gives me his.

    How about you, how was your day?
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