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    I have never heard of this term in my life. You'll have to explain what it means.
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    General Chat Thread - Come to #spp-misc on Discord! https://discord.gg/3u9nKEa

    There was a way to figure out who gave the rep despite the fact it should have been anonymous. Some people took advantage of it so it got shut down again. Also I may have been super excited once I saw @GrizzlyB posted in this thread... but don't tell him that anybody!
  3. Peter Quill

    Pride discourse.

    What of LGBT+ people who are kinky but do not wish to get married? Does your definition of LGBT liberation really apply to them if their goal in life is to live with kink openly rather than be married? It's more a question of "Are we really liberated if we have to start censoring ourselves...
  4. Peter Quill

    Classic Simpsons is always a good throwback lol

    Classic Simpsons is always a good throwback lol
  5. Peter Quill

    Pride discourse.

    That's what's so funny to me about our internal community fighting. I straight up hate pup masks and personally don't want to be around them so I just... don't engage with them at pride lmfao. I don't go around saying that they're indecent and have no place there even if I'm not personally...
  6. Peter Quill

    Pride discourse.

    There's something deeply funny about that second paragraph saying that pride should focus on "liberation" while also suggesting that LGBT people cannot express kink - how is that full/true liberation? I don't understand it.
  7. Peter Quill

    Pride discourse.

    Have you ever really stopped and thought about how and why this is a hot button topic of conversation? tbh I've largely been ignoring pride discourse and focusing on other things, but when I sit down and think about it I cant help but smirk a little because this honestly and truly is just old...
  8. Peter Quill

    No need to apologize lol. I'm working on something.

    No need to apologize lol. I'm working on something.
  9. Peter Quill

    Pride discourse.

    You know I've felt in my bones for a while that there's been a creative push to redress a very classic but also old/tired homophobic/transphobic stereotype (LGBT people being child predators) into sort of nouveau discourse language and this thread certainly has proven that. How embarrassing for...
  10. Peter Quill

    Pride discourse.

    I mean they're the ones who are taking personal responsibility of risk w/r/t their health lol so that seems like a very strange suggestion. I'm sure people who wear leather frequently are able to figure out how to wear it and stay healthy in the sun lol. Baba Yaga has already explained enough in...
  11. Peter Quill

    Pride discourse.

    Has anybody who's anti leather/anti kink at pride taken the time to think about that community's historical context for the gay rights movement? Barring a group of people who were key in fighting for gay rights from pride now is pretty uh not great lol!
  12. Peter Quill

    Your Popular/Unpopular Food/Snack Opinions

    I think Marinara sauce is really bland and uninteresting. I don't hate it per se but I truly do not understand why people seem to hype it up so much. As an example I see mozza sticks using marinara sauce as a dip and like... why? Truly there are more interesting dips out there. I actually...
  13. Peter Quill

    Pride discourse.

    At the end of the day people need to realize that, like it or not, a large differentiator (if not the largest) of LGBT people to their heterosexual counterparts is sex. For ages heterosexual people thought of LGBT peoples as sexual deviants. They couldn't conceptualize that two men or two women...
  14. Peter Quill

    Have you ever wondered that you were born in wrong country/ in wrong time?

    No. I'm a gay man who lives in a liberal country. I enjoy having rights and living in a society/time where I don't have to be overly afraid of living my life authentically.
  15. Peter Quill

    Hey Brad I'm doing good! Just graduated uni and started a new job at this tech startup. It's a...

    Hey Brad I'm doing good! Just graduated uni and started a new job at this tech startup. It's a really small company so it's a bit of a culture shock for me but it's working out so far. How have you been?