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  • Yikes I used the german name of Bibarel Im sorry but ok deal I ll trade!
    Just pm me your Game name FC.
    I trade only at weekends!!!
    And to be precisley from 6 to 10 pm.
    with german time of course..
    Sorry to annoy you but shiny treecko isnt more avaiable sorry....look in my shop to see what you can take and if you wait until Sunday I will have new pokemons(including sinies)
    Well if you want a shiny trecko I can get one for you.
    I just need to Pokeshift it ok?
    I will be able to trade to you at the weekend ok?
    I cant wait for Pichu.
    Thanks man!
    Well feel free to ask you can have any pokemon from the list , exept celebi.
    Or you can ask me for a pokemon you want really bad but cant find.
    I will do anything to find it for you.
    One thing I can't trade today until tommrow you have to wait plus I don't know what you want that I have.
    NEW RULE – Once your shop is approved, you must sit and wait until you get requests. You can’t bump/double post exclaiming your shop is now approved by *insert moderator here*. It is considered double posting and you will be infracted for it. If your shop was newly approved and sits on the 2nd/3rd page already then a moderator will bump it for you. (but don't post after them or your post is considered spam) Current shops that have done this have 48 hours to remove the post or you will be infracted for double-posting and the post will be automatically deleted.
    Spread the word
    no problem its a PO league.u can be e4 if u want but if u want a lot more battling i sugest being a gym leader cuz there are some ppl in my gyms who have never lost lol.
    ok cool so today or tomorow hopefully ill get approved, u wanna be a e4 since im using your name? or a gym leader?
    hey bro i just made a league called leauge of darkness with dusknoir for mascot,i already have the art. then i saw your league. will u be mad if i make the same thing?
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