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  • Oy. Took you so long, I was losing interest. XP It's okay.

    Outline? Okay and thanks. Last time I tried to make a sprite, it didn't look so good.
    Hi Neko. I was wondering since you can make sprites, could tell me how to make an original one myself. Because so far I'm having no luck on how to sprite (in MS paint) let's say a fakemon. >_<'
    Your cat sounds soo cute^^ You remind me of a Mismagious, too^^

    I like how it looks like its wearing a gown too since I like to wear dresses :3
    Me and some close friends have a pokemon forum too if you'd like to check it out :)

    I'd like to check out your forum, too :)

    And, yes, your badass...from what i've learned, it take's sheer guts to name yourself after a non-rose flower on a POKEMON forum, regardless of reason (not even i could do it..). XD; Well, seem's like it would, since I don't seem to come across it very often...(then again, its not like i'm that active here :p)

    For the record, though, do you like Treeckos? Axew? Baby dragons? Ponies? Crested Geckos?


    Those things own XD
    Oh! You seem like a sweet person!^^ I must say, I don't see names like your's online that often XD You must be a total badass just like me! (okay, not to boast or anything..)

    I'd like to be your friend, if thats okay. :) Mismagious shall rule!^^
    Could you find me the shiny Typhlosion, shiny Feraligatr, and shiny Megnanium HG/SS artwork images?

    I don't need you to make them into a banner, I just need the images. Since I am having Mew_'s shop make me my shiny Pokemon banners (sub-sections).
    hey, I saw your shop, and you said "feel free to request anything not here"
    anyway, my point is:

    can you do badge art? I'm making a league here soon (check my sig) but I don't have any Badges for the Gym leaders... I'll request later, but I needed to know if you could, or if you knew someone who would do Badge art...
    Thanks, and sorry for the randomness :p
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