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  • Okay sounds good then. Once you get the currant banner I requested finished I will post the other requests on your shop (the 2 mentioned previously). However I will most likely send you a VM with the links you will need.

    EDIT: Also I have no problem waiting and its no problem that it is taking a while to complete.
    Okay sounds good then.

    I also might need you to do me what I mentioned previously (VM) along with another one something similar to that. Would you be able to do that?

    EDIT: Could you change the text on the banner I requested? I would like the banner to say Event Section. However everything else can stay the same.
    Have you managed to get the banner done?

    I also have another question to ask you. If I have 4 banners (one for each region except Unova) and I sent you a link to them. Would you be able to alter the coloring, Pokemon sprites, and the text?
    I was bored... so I decided I'd enter this for once. If you want me to add more sprites (that aren't faded into the background), feel free to say so. ^_^ I've never been one to use many sprites in a large banner. (There are a good number that are faded into the background if you don't see them at first glance.)

    As for tutorials, I've got a few random ones lying around, though I do have a spriting school that just opened to everyone. Most of the image tutorials I have are just images and no text... they are meant more for a visual aid to an explanation of some sort. ^_^'
    can you give me the link to the spriting school?
    The banner turned out wonderful, and I love what you did with the background colors for each game. It turned out better than I thought it would.

    I don't have any other banners that come to my mind currently, but once I need some other banners I will go to you first.
    Okay I posted it on your shop.

    I have no problem posting it on the shop, its just I want to make sure that are able to do the request first. That way i can avoid the hassle later on if you aren't able to make that request.

    Once you have finished send me a VM.
    I have one other question. Could you make me a banner with just my 3 friend codes listed and the Pokemon sprite of that game in particular?

    Since some people have problems reading the little writing on the user bars, which is what I currently use. I would just want a simple background (not to fancy like those other banners you made) that would be interesting but not too simple.

    Are you able to do that?
    I think the Chikorita turned out just fine really. I looks better than I though it would. Thanks for the banners.
    Well I do now that Ken Sugimori is the artist for the Pokemon, which I have seen the artwork before. However I can't recall ever seeing or even remember finding any shiny images though. However I do believe they are out there, but if they are I can't remember a time when they made them public. However I could be wrong since I didn't follow Pokemon in the early years.

    Okay sounds good then. Once you do get finished just send me a VM.
    Well I wouldn't doubt it that they are out there somewhere, but I don't think I have ever seen them or even heard of them.
    Okay sounds good then. Once you get it finished just send me a VM letting me. I am just curious to see how the Pokemon will turn when you make them shiny.
    Okay no problem then. However once you are able to manage to get it done though just let me now though. I do now most likely that it will take longer than the other banners you made for me, since this one requires a little bit more work done to it.
    Also if you aren't able to make those Pokemon shiny that I listed on the request. I could always find some others, but I would need to know what would be easiest to make shiny.
    Okay I posted the new request on your shop. However since I have to avoid double posting, I instead edited it into my previous post.
    Yes I definitely agree with you on the consistency. Okay I am going to post the request on your shop now then.
    I think it looks better with a little consistency other wise it would look kind of weird with different banners on my trade shop with a different 'formula' on each. I do need a third banner for my shop, but the Pokemon on it would have to be shiny. Are you able to make the Pokemon shiny? I also sent you a friend request.
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