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  • Ahaha, glad you liked it! I sort of realised the other week that I'd written a lot, in both fanfic and original fiction, of characters whose coming out went either badly or with sorta mixed results, and I just thought, well, why don't I write one where everything goes pretty much as good as it can do, for once? So I did, and it turned out weird and wonderful. And thanks. There's really no rush; none of my fics are going anywhere, so feel free to take your time!
    (Here so as not to clutter up the thread) Re. your reply to my review -- if that's what you're going for, and you do want to include a description of each pokémon as they come up, I think it would read more naturally if you just included a line or two of description rather than inserting it in the action the way you do with the kadabra. Everyone always says that it's more natural to describe details as they become relevant to the current action -- the classic example is someone running a hand through their [whichever colour] hair, I guess -- but there's a limit to the kind of description that you can treat that way; incidental detail like hair colour works, broad detail about the body plan of a creature doesn't. It just sounds stiff and clinical, especially when you're trying to write in the voice of a character like Mattie, whose lexis is much more casual than "humanoid" suggests. So all I'd suggest would be to let the kadabra have a line of description of its own -- nothing so detailed as to break the flow of the scene, just enough to sketch out the fact that it's a hunched, bipedal fox or whatever. Maybe something draws Mattie's attention to it and she looks at it for a second; that'd be enough justification.

    But like, it's a super minor point, so y'know. Whatever you end up deciding to do, I'll be looking forward to your next chapter!
    Thanks! Hoping to have something for it soon. And that's news! Been away for a while it seems. I'll have to give it a read soon.
    A Master's huh? Impressive. Best of luck there! I can only imagine how hard that'll be. Still in undergrad here for engineering.

    I have. A fellow author friend of mine and I have decided to try to write for at least an hour a day this year. In doing so, I've made quite a bit of much-needed progress for Overthrown's rewrite/thing.
    Hey there, Phalanx! Yeah, it's been quite some time! I'm doing okay. Classes are once again kicking into gear, but I'm doing decent. How about you?
    Oh heck yeah, that goes right in the queue. :D There's a few other things I told myself I'd get to first but yeah. Looking forward to it. :D
    USUM is awesome for shiny hunting. :D

    The Worldslayers is something of a sequel to both Communication and The Origin of Storms. I think both its predecessors could probably be tackled in either order, but if I had to recommend one way or another I'd say go with TOoS first since it's older.
    Prob yveltal and xerneas. Those were my first SR hunts and they both went far better than I'd expected. Hell, I didn't even have the shiny charm for yveltal.
    Heeeeey, so, embarrassing confession time! When I was unable to complete my assignment for the 2014 Yuletide I was really busy, and I kinda just checked out of Serebii as a whole... which meant I never noticed that I'd still gotten a story and that you had written it. I'm so sorry about that! I found the link to the stories when I was looking for my old sign-up form, finally got to read it and aaaaaah that story was so sweet? Aggron being big, nature-tending softies has always been a weakness of mine, but I hadn't actually thought about them from the angle of tending to all of the little pokémon as well—it was adorable, especially the little scuffle between the machop and the nosepass. I was legitimately nervous early on during the confrontation with the poachers, too; there was a definite sigh of relief when the aggron managed to turn things around, and now I'm kinda worried for any poor little trainers who might head in there just looking for a new teammate. Very well done!

    Again, I'm terribly sorry for not reading it and thanking you in a timely manner, but that was a wonderful story and I really appreciate the work you put into it. It would've made my holiday and I really wish I'd remembered to check in time. Thank you so much!
    Ah, that makes sense. I guess building up an added buffer is at least a nice side benefit.

    Ohhh, yeah, that does sound interesting! I wrote one of those myself a while back. XD Are you going to be doing fakemon in addition to canon ones?
    Ah, nice. It's always exciting to start in on something new. I also admire your restraint in setting up a buffer; not something I've been good at, ever.

    Are you working on a PMD 'fic, then, or trying a different genre?
    Hey, saw you mention that you're indefiinite hiatus-ing Convergence. Just wanted to let you know that I'm sad to see it go, and I enjoyed the story, but I hope you end up having a blast with whatever new writing project you want to take on and that it ends up going well for you!
    I was kidding, it sounds like a really cool topic! And quite expansive... sounds like quite a big summer project. Is this something you're looking to turn into a thesis before you graduate, or is it supposed to be a self-contained summer research thing?

    Eww, the GRE. Good luck with your studying! Hope you've had time for some fun slacking off in addition to your work.
    Ah, that's too bad! I thought you might have scored a research opportunity that would have let you check out a historical site or something in addition to your library research. Hopefully you've at least got an interesting subject to get you through all the reading, at least.
    Ah, my bad. Well, best of luck getting more content up this year, then!

    What kind of research are you doing? Hopefully the fun kind where you can at least go outside and enjoy the weather every once in a while; at least you won't be stuck in a lab all day!
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