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  • Good luck with your finals, then! Which you must now be in the midst of/actually done with. And I dunno, you've posted, what, two chapters since the new year? I think that's actually an improvement over this time last year, so you did a pretty impressive job keeping up with your writing while overseas. And that's nice, at least you'll have a little time to relax before you get back to work.

    The paper is just a genome paper, so on top of being the usual tedious to pull together and write up it's not very interesting in general. But hey, when it's done it's done.

    So I guess if you've worked on a paper before and are doing summer research stuff, you're probably studying something in the sciences. Perhaps even... physics?
    lol, nice. Hope you've got somebody coming to pick you up at the airport so you don't have to drag your own rear end home after a flight like that. Glad you had a great time in the program, though! What was your favorite part of the trip?

    No worries, I think it's hard to do a real back and forth in the VM format. Right now I'm working on writing a scientific paper, which is very time-consuming and not a great deal of fun. The weather's gorgeous, though, and other than being grumpy about how much time I have to spend inside working on that stuff I'm fine.
    Haha, well, it didn't go unappreciated.

    How's life in Greece, by the way? I imagine the semester's almost over at this point.
    I gotta say, that brief mention of how lucky Derek is to be a monferno rather than a voltorb totally opened my eyes to PMD 'fic possibilities I didn't see before. I mean, yeah, voltorb is just terrible to end up as if you were a human, because not only do you not have any limbs, but I don't know if you can even talk normally? Or, like, eat? And according to the pokédex voltorb is always exploding at the drop of a hat, even from something as simple as hitting a bump in the sidewalk, so you could be just, idk, rolling along to the grocery store or whatever when suddenly you hit a pebble and blow up. For most PMD protagonists you have a situation like, "Oh, well, I've lost all my friends and family, but at least now I'm a cool fire-breathing dragon," whereas for your voltorb protagonist it seems like it would be more, "I DON'T HAVE ANY HAAAAANDS" *sobbing* *explodes*

    Truly, the most tragic pokémon transformation choice.

    So yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to find a way to include a human-turned-voltorb in any PMD story I feel inclined to write... or maybe have one star in a silly one-shot or something, idk.
    ...Huh. I will need to pick out some scenes and re-read them myself with those voices in mind!
    Depends on the reviewers you have, I suppose. I know some very loyal reviewers that come back every chapter with lots of comments, and in a decent amount of time. Some drop by every few chapters with extensive, page-long comments, and sadly some do drop stories, but it's usually because they drop the forum in general for a long time. As you post more chapters you'll be able to see those kind of patterns in your reviewers and hopefully worry less about it :)
    It's mostly Communication (20-30 chapters) and Fledglings (~10 chapters). XD But I shall get to everything, it just might take a while.
    Nope, I'm very behind on fics I need to read. Probably literally about 50 chapters behind total if I combine all the fics I've been following. :(
    I don't think I'm going to change the one guy, but I'll probably put the protest in Striaton - I don't really wanna have them show up two cities in a row.
    I'm gonna respond to reviews here so I don't clog up the thread. First, should I go back and revise that so they're at least a bit wary about sharing a bed? Second, I actually was planning on them coming across a protest, but I didn't really want to jump right into that. I felt it'd be too sudden. Now I'm hyped to write that, though, because if it escalates into a battle, they'll have a crowd: the other protestors.
    It's great. xD The entire Undertale ost is wonderful.

    Haven't had time recently, I'm afraid. :/ College began again and it's been busy, especially with me now having a job.

    But, I do plan on making good use of the Skype chats Jax will put together on Saturdays~
    Definitely good to know! I imagine you've been studying up while you prepare for your trip. Do you speak much Greek?

    Good luck finishing soon, then! Goodness knows you probably won't have much time for fanfic while you're off in foreign lands.
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