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  • Wow, that does sound awesome! I hope you have a great time. I'm planning a trip that should take me through Greece, so when you get back I'll have to pick your brain for travel tips. XD

    Ah, sorry to hear that. Transitional chapters are always tricky. I don't worry about unlikeable characters too much myself, though; as long as someone's interesting to read about, I don't care much about whether they'd be fun to hang out with. But pretty much all my characters are unlikeable, so there's that. :p Best of luck with the chapter, though; I hope you're able to be more satisfied with your writing output at the end of this year than you were in 2015.
    Hey, I saw your post in the 2015/2016 writing thread. Hope you do get a chance to post more stuff this year; I'd love to see where you're going with your 'fic.

    Also, you mentioned you're going to be spending a lot of time in Greece. Are you going to be studying abroad?
    Hey. Heard from Jax that you were a fan of my work and that you're a part of the Writers of Justice. I must say...I'm honored because from what I've seen of your work, you're an excellent writer yourself. -grins- Of course, that's only the awards, but I'll get to it today because I literally have nothing else to do.
    Ah, okay. No, I get it - college is busy for most. I graduate in a week, so I've had my fair share of busy weeks/months/whatever. xD I've never taken a history class but I can only imagine all the information you have to learn.
    Ohh, it's okay, I understand. Finals are approaching for lots of people! What year are you in?

    Oh, thank you. :eek: Congrats to you too!
    Hey. I just wanted to alert you that I moved your nomination for Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT from the Best New Pokémon Chaptered Fic category to the Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic category, since it is unambiguously not new (not only is it a reboot of an older fic, but even the reboot was started in 2013). If you wanted to nominate something else in its place in Best New Pokémon Chaptered Fic, you can log into the system and do so.
    Wanted to apologize for not being able to get to your chapter quite yet. I had a large amount of homework and studying to do, but with my final being on Tuesday, I am going to try and get to your chapter at that point. Again, I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get to your chapter; I really didn't think I'd have things get in my way that would exhaust me to the core.
    Yo, real life kicked my *** these last couple days. (They were supposed to be my relax-and-do-whatever days.) Will get to your fic by the end of the week.
    Hey, I generally try to get back to people who read my fics (and IIRC you are/were following Love and Other Nightmares), so if you want to do the review exchange thing, let me know.
    Alright, I'll go add you. Also, prior to uploading the chapter, I went back to edit chapters, so there's some things that are fixed/added.
    I forgot to ask you last night, but did you want me to put you on the PM list for Forsaken?
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