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  • So... Now I’m Currently Re-Watching The Incredible Hulk... what do U think of this Film Again?
    I’ll Go Over More Later but I’ll Give/Go Over my Movie Reviews!:
    Red Sparrow, B
    Tomb Raider, B
    Thoroughbreds, A-/A
    Unsane, B+
    Death Of Stalin, A
    The Cloverfield Paradox, C
    Ready Player One, A+
    Well Man... I'm OFFICIALLY CALLING New Mutants DOA!! Tuesday News but I DON'T CARE! It Along with X-Men: Dark Phoenix GOT PUSHED BACK EVEN FURTHER IN 2019!!!!!! ****ING AUGUST!!!!!! -________-
    I’ll say this, Even Tho Ronan was GENERIC Villain 101, I still Liked him for what he was. And What Made him Ronan Work... was Lee Pace! HE GAVE IT HIS ALL as Ronan I thought. His Performance was still Good IMO. :)
    Ok Let’s See... Um, Pff Oh Yeah :) Djimoun Hounsou CONFIRMED to be Back as Korath! Lee Pace CONFIRMED to Return as Ronan The Accuser! And the REALLY SUPER BIG ONE :) Clark Gregg CONFIRMED to Return as Agent Phil Coulson!!! :)

    So... Death Predictions... this is a Biggey Who's On Your Death Prediction List? Me: Loki! Like... HOW MUCH U WANNA BET THAT AFTER HE GIVES THE TESSARACT HE JUST KILLS HIM RIGHT THEN AND THERE LOL!??!?!?!?!?!? Probably some Minor Background Characters. Wong, since Perhaps... Maw? I think it's Ebonay Maw is the One Who's TORTURING Strange. Like Maybe Wong gets Killed During the Initial Invasion Attack in New York. Poster Credits him now, so... SADLY, I think Idris Elba as Heimdal's Getting Killed in that Opening Act :/ Rhodey MAYBE, I Suspect IF SOMEONE from the Guardians Side, Nebula Possibly. And then for Final Act stuff... IT'S EITHER CAP OR IRON MAN!! I THINK IT'S ONE OF THE 2!!!!!!!!!! :( :( Captain America or Iron Man. Those are the Death Predictyions from Me.

    Anything Been Going On? I've Seen 3 Films in 2 Days LOL!!

    Oh and Uh... we're Gonna FINALLY SEE CRAZY Nicolas Cage as Superman... IN Teen Titans Go The Movie!
    Agreed, we'll See, someone has said they're doing it for More Jokes, MORE Cable and Domino, and to Poke Fun at Infinity War, We'll See...

    So for Netflix News... Annihilation is Now On Netflix Overseas, so U SHOULD have it Now, One Of My Friends Just Saw it Today On Netflix, LOVED it, Gave it an A! Just Putting it Out there.

    U Saw Luke Cage's Season 2 Annoumcent Release Date?

    And for the Last Netflix News... I'm Curious if U'll be Happy About this. :) Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler Director Dan Gilroy, and Rene Russo are Reteaming Together to do a Horror Thriller Film in the 60's. I'm Personally REALLY EXCITED FOR THAT TBH! :)

    Was Watching Avengers a While Earlier On TV. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sniRiRzqy0cN And the Russos are TROLLING ON TWITTER that we COULD/MIGHT GET A Infinity War Trailer Tomorrow! :)
    It's Fine, I Understand That. I've had Busy Days too when I CAN'T Come On TBH :/ But Anyway, My Screening... Love, Simon. :) Directed by Mr. Arrowverse Executive Producer Greg Berlanti! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykHeGtN4m94 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0cbWdlQg_8 This was a SERIOUSLY AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!! :) Like... LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS MOVIE!! Was a GREAT Coming Of Age Romance Film TBH. Had some REALLY GREAT Acting from Everyone Across the Board! 3 Standouts, Keiynan Lonsdale Who Plays Wally West from Flash and Legends (Berlanti Using his Connections with his Stars.) :) He was REALLY GREAT, And then the 2 SCENE STEALERS! Alexandra Shipp AKA "Storm" (I say it that way because... SHE HAD NOTHING TO DO IN APOCALYPSE!) she was Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse, and... I'm Sorry but... I LIKE Bryan Singer in his Other Works but... HE COMPLETLY WASTED SHIPP AS STORM!! SHIPP HAS SOOOOOOO MUCH ENERGY AND CHARISMA!! Now Hopefully she can get some Better Work Post this. And Tony from Veep and Other Comedies... HE'S SOOOOOOOOOOO *UCKING FUNNY MY GOD LOL!! :) Overall, AMAZING Film, Glad I Saw a Screening for this! FOX has Put Out SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY SCREENERS FOR THIS FILM IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!! Like... they've Given Screenings for this Film FOR A SOLID MONTH NOW!! O___O ALMOST XD. But yes, LOVED this Film, gets an A!

    Yep! This Season has been Good. :) It's a SHAME that they're Kinda Writing the Season 5 Finale as a Series Finale :( But All Shows End at a Point. :( Looks like HYDRA MIGHT be Coming Back Again LOL. Coulson is Dying. :(
    Ok Now, Once we Get Talking, I'll Mention what My Screening was Back On Saturday. :)

    And for Other Stuff in the News, about 2 Weeks Ago in AoS, we had the Brief Return of a FAVORITE Character of Yours, Absorbing Man! :) And Last Friday was the 100th Episode of AoS and it was Pretty Great. :)

    Deadpool 2 is like... 50/50 Right Now, from SOME Kind Of Source, there was SOME KIND OF Test Screening and SUPPOSEDLY IT WASN'T WELL RECEIVED. But some have said it's Not True. But Regardless, it's Going through some Reshoots.
    Respond Back whenever U can Again LOL! I have some Stuff. :)

    Ok so I have A LOT of Recent Rotten Tomatoe Scores Over From Rotten Tomatoes that HAVE DROPPED!! :) I'm Excited for the Ones that have Dropped! :) Ok the Main One I WANT to Talk About, Ready Player One! :) Looks like its in Pretty Good Shape. :) https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/ready_player_one HOPE it Stays Pretty High. :)

    Now... a Festival is Going On Right Now, South By South West, and... A Quiet Place Directed by John Krasinki from The Office is Directing, Writing, AND Starring in this Film with his Wife Emily (I WAS ALMOST CAST AS BLACK WIDOW!) Blunt! :) https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/a_quiet_place_2018 Glad to Hear we have Our First GOOD Reviewed Horror Film of the Year! :)

    Next, ... U know... for a Video Game Movie Adaptation... This is QUITE LITERALLY ONE OF THE BETTER REVIEWED VIDEO GAME ADAPTATIONS!!! O_________________O Tomb Raider! :) https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/tomb_raider_2018 Now... 50% is STILL NOT GREAT... BUT as I said, For a Video Game Adaptation... they Usually DON'T GET THIS HIGH LOL!!! So... I'm Going in Optimistic with this One Here. :)

    Now a Little MINOR One but this is a BIG DEAL IMO... So There's an Upcoming Comedy Called... Blockers! And this was 100% 2 Days Ago and has Fallen... but NOT THAT MUCH! And this has a Similar Situation to Game Night! Where that Film had AWFUL Trailers, and yet... it Turned Out to be a GOOD Film!! O__O And so... this is Blockers's Rating! https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/blockers And... THIS IS A FILM THAT JON *UCKING CENA!!!!!! O____O AND IT'S THIS HIGH!!!!!!!!!! O___________O So Uh... we'll See where this Film Goes... XD
    I do Agree with that Statement There. :) Tho BR49 was still a REALLY GOOD MOVIE!! Part of its Box Office Downfall was Runtime. It’s IT’S DAMN NEAR 3 HOURS LONG!!! But I think there’s a lot of Internet Interest in the Film So I think it will be Good.

    Well it Would Make Sense, Give some Tease for Captain Marvel’s Return to Earth or Something like that. Be a Kree or Skrull War Tease.

    [Yep. :/ Id Rather a Spin-off Game TBH.]

    Oh Cool :) My Friend Gave the Overall Season a B!

    I’m Going Into a Screening Shortly! :)
    Agreed! AGREED!! :) Like I ALMOST Feel like it's Going to be a Blade Runner 2049 Situation where it Gets the Crtical Praise, but BOMBS HORRIBLY!! :( But HOPEFULLY it can Do Well, WANT it. To Succeed.

    Oh I KNOW What One of them would be, CAPTAIN MARVEL TEASE!!!!!!!! The 2nd One is as Good Guess as Yours/Mine.

    [UGH -___-]

    Oh has this Oscar Guy taken her Place. Interesting Fact, the Guy Who Plays Oscar in JJS2 had Played Wildcat in Arrow Season 3 a Few Years Ago. :)
    Yep!!! :) Got a Slew of Films! :) A New Watch. Overall was a Pretty Good Day! :) But yeah... WE’RE IN EARLY MID MARCH NOW!!! O____O INFINITY WAR IS NOT TOO FAR AWAY!!! Next Film I’m Looking Forward to... Ready Player One! :)

    LOL, Agreed! :) It’s just with THAT MANY CHARACTERS... IT’S LIKE YOU/U WOULD HAVE TO GO OVER LOL!!! If it was 2 Hours and 50 Minutes, HELL YES!!! :) I think Realistically, the Film will be 2 Hours and 25 Minutes! Because there’s about 10 Minutes Of Post-Credit Scenes!

    [Ooh, What is it? I’m Curiour :)]

    I’m Behind On Punisher, and Jessica Jones is Out. While Luke Cage has Got Now it’s Release Date.
    Oh, On Wednesday, it was my Birthday! :) HAPPY 21!! :)

    So Yeah...... I Liked it. Kinda liked Last Year a little better, but I thought this Year Flew Faster LOL!!! :)

    Honestly Dude... WOULDN'T CARE IF IT WAS LONGER LOL!!!!!!! :)
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