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  • Even Tho U HAVEN'T SEE The Florida Project Yet, XD! But Understandable. :) Willem DaFoe WAS GREAT in the Film. But My FAVORITE WIN of the Night... Jordan Peele Original Screenplay for Get Out!! I Will say this Until some Friends do it, SEE IT!!!!!!! Like U could have your Mind BLOWN from the Film! :) Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour, SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!! And the Other Standout... AFTER 14 PREVIOUS NOMINATIONS, ROGER DEAKINS FINALLY *UCKING WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) FAMOUS Cinematographer Roger Deakins Who Worked On MOST of the Cohen Brother Films AND now Dennis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049, Prisoners Director) he has FINALLY WON after 14 Previous Nominations for Blade Runner 2049!!! :)


    Guy Pearce as Killian I think Worked for a while... but EH! I'll See the Film Again Soon On MCU Bingewatch.

    Ok... Paramount I guess Thought that Audinces WOULDN'T GET IT AND UNDERSTAND the Film I think, Tho it wasn't Metaphorical from My Perspective. But Paramount and David Ellison just didn't have the Confidence, so they Decided to Talk with Netflix Again (Since they Gave them The Cloverfield Paradox) so in Europe, Annihilation will Go to Netflix in... A Week I think.
    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SAM "MOTHER*UCKING" ROCKWELL WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So... Time for a Celebration!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    YEP!! :) And Here... I think this is a SHAME, but for the Time when the MCU Started, Jeff "The Dude" Bridges I think was GREAT as Obadia, OVERLOOKED Villain IMO.

    IT IS!! Looks like for Europe During the InHouse FIGHTING with Paramount, Producer David Ellison, and/with Producer Scott Rudin and Writer-Director Alex Garland with the Film, it's Going to Netflix Overseas in Europe in the Next Week or So.

    ["I WILL FEED YOU TO MY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!" Short Bit Later. "DON'T WORRY, WE'RE VEGETARIANS!" LMFAO SOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agreed, I WISH we Could See more of it. Like See more Tech Savey Parts of the City/Nation but MAYBE some of it Will Show Up in Infinity War AND the Sequel. Did Like Kilmonger! :)]
    Ok, have Some Topics to Go Over! :) Starting with Reviews.

    Finished Iron Man! :) A+, it Kicked Off the MCU to an AMAZING START! :)

    Annihilation, A-, from the Director of Ex Machina, REALLY INTERESTING Stuff to Come Out of this Film, Portman is AMAZING in the Film, One of her BEST Performances in a while, Tessa Thompson AKA Valkyrie Continues to SHINE and STEAL the Spotlight Now I think. :) Garland's Writing and Direction is REALLY GOOD!! :) And Other BIG SHOUTOUTS would be: Score, Soundtrack, Cinamtogprahy, Sound Editing, Production Design, and Visual Effects! :)

    Now Onto Your Reviews! :) WOOHOOO!!

    Now... what did U think of Winston Duke as M'Baku? He was SCENE STEALER!!!!!! :) But Yes, I Agree, A! :) I'll be Honest, WEAK Post Credits Scenes This Time Around Tho. :( :/

    Logan Lucky, Now... I was Looking Forward to it SOOOOOOOO FRWAKING MUCH, I was UNDERWHELMED, but Again, that was just because I had HYPED Myself. But it's sit;; a VERY GOOD FILM! :) Daniel Craig has Found a New Neice for him whenever he's Done with Bond. And I KNOW FOR SURE THIS JOKE WENT OVER YOUR HEAD! But the Prison Scene, when the Prisoners were Holding 4-5 Guards Hostage, I LOST IT when they Made that Game Of Thrones Joke!!! I WAS DYING!!!!!!! :)

    Now... There is a Rumor Floating, a Dream Casting COULD HAPPEN if they Agree to it... Let's just Say a Fan Suggested to James Gunn that Mark Hamill would be PERFECT for Guardians 3. So James Gunn and Mark Hamill On Twitter said they would Speak with Each Other so... WE COULD POSSIBLY SEE MARK HAMILL IN A *UCKING MARVEL MOVIE!!!!!!!!! :)
    Agreed. And Again... this is a Whole TRICKY SITUATION AND Stuff. I Wish Whedon the Best, HOPE he can Find some Other Project. Earlier... maybe I was bit TOO HARSH! The Dude IS TALENTED! Again, Hope for the Best. I think I need to Re-Watch AoS for that Wholke "Monster thing' IIRC, I wasn't too bothered by it, maybe it wasn;t the best decision but... I'm NOT GUNHO on it being GOD AWFUL Or Anything.

    Yep! Got Past that and SOOOOOOO GOOD!! R.I.P. Ho Yinsen :( Also, I KNOW how People LOVE TO COMPLAIN On the MCU and it LACKING GOOD Scores, but Honestly... Rain Djawadi's Score is Pretty Good in this Film!! :) He Scores Game Of Thrones, REALLY TALENTED! I Like Re-Watching this. :)
    That is Fine, I'll get to the MCU Briefly. Again, IT'S SOOOOOOOOO HARD to get an Opinion of Here. Joss is Good, but it's just this Stuff Around him is just... NOT GOOD On his Image. So I guess SUPPOSEDLY his Relationship between him and his Ex-Wife were NOT GREAT! And I guess Actresses he Worked with On Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer have Accused him of some Stuff. And there is a JOKE in Justice League that was APPARENTLY HIS that... I DIDN'T LIKE!! Wonder Woman and Flash are Falling, and I BELIEVE Barry Falls On Her and there was some Skirt Joke that was... CRINGY! It''s hard to say TBH. But DC CONTONUES TO BE A *UCKING MESS!! or it's the New Guy just Reinging In Control Now.

    Ok so... I'm Now Starting from the VERY BEGINNING!! :) I'm Watching THE WHOLE ENTIRE MCU Leading Up to Avengers: Infinity War!!! :) Starting Off at Iron Man! :)
    I'm SORRY to say this, but... I think Joss Whedon and his Career... is just DEAD for the Moment! :( CAN'T GO WITHOUT A YEAR OF A DC DIRECTOR LEAVING THE DCEU LOL!!!!!!!!! But he has "LEFT" Or Other Case Scenario which I Believe, "FIRED!!!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvZq3HbR184 Female Fans are just NEVER GONNA FORGIVE HIM!!! :/ :(

    :) LOL


    I See Now... But Must be Cool still I think :) Strange doing Other Things Besides Magic, XD. :)

    With his Bow And Arrow he had with him On the Time LOL? But OOF... it's a Life Or Death Situation I'd say EITHER HIM OR THEM!!

    Oh is there Some New Legislation AGAIN!? GEEZH THESE EARTHS ARE BAD WITH LAW AND SUCH LOL!!!!!!!!!

    Johnny DID APPEAR FOR LIKE... 10 SECONDS in Robbie's Origin Story! Clark Gregg had Confirmed it On Twitter that the Ghost Rider Who Gave Robbie his Powers WAS Johnny Blaze!

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanos Singing!!! :)
    LOL!!! That Sounds Funny. :) Is this Chamber Who SWEARS like a Sailor LOL?

    Ah :/ How'd she get the Cancer Anyway in the First Place?

    Oh Interesting. Well... All I can say is HOPEFULLY THAT COMIC BOOK MALEKITH IS A BILLION TIMES BETTER THEN... WHATEVER THE *UCK THAT ADAPTATION/VERSION WAS IN THE DARK WORLD LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A *UCKING JOKE CHRISTOPHER ECCELSTON WAS!!!!!!!!! And I think he's Good in Other Stuff. I'm Guessing Odion's Dead. Or he was EVIL at one point (I think U Said he was LOL!) and is Dead because of his Schemes LOL!

    OH YEAH!!! I Remember Grace During Pre Early Doctor Strange Talks that she would Show a Comic Book Cover Strange with a BATTLE AXE LOL!!! Looked Funny LOL. :)

    Oh. O___O Who was it that Killed Bruce and how'd he get Revived LOL? I'm Assuming She-Hulk was in a Coma from Civil War 2?

    Oh and... WHAT CAUSED Civil War 2 in the First Place LOL?

    HA! I Guess Something Johnny Blaze could NEVER ACCOMPLISH LOL!!! But Glad for him! :) Now if ONLY Robbie Reyes could Return to the MCU... I Agree with Other People, Gove him a Netflix Show or Something! Since I THINK it's Rumored Season 5 is AoS LAST Season :/ :( I'd Watch it! :)

    Oh HOPE U caan Get Someone Good! :) Spider-Man can alawys Need some Help XD.

    Wheneber U have Time wen U Find the Other Writers, we'll Talk about the Other Topics I have. :) LIIIIIIIKKKKEEEE....... THIS!!!!!!!!!! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG6uekF1xpo
    O______O HE LOOKS SUPER DUPER DOPE THERE LOL!!!!!!!!! Looks as if he Learned Fire Fang LOL! Can He Talk, or is he a Silent Character?

    Ah I See, I guess NOT EVEN ASGAURDIAN POWERS CAN CURE AND SAVE CANCER XD! Why is Thor's Arm Gold XD? Did his Original Arm get Cut Off LOL? How did Cap get his Head/Mind Reverted? HA! :) I guess Stephen went All Conan The Barbarian here, XD. But Doctor Strange still Looks GREAT! :) What Happened? Morro or Dormammu BANISH him from Being Sorcerer Supreme XD? She-Hulk is Interesting to say the Least... is she Bruce's Replacement because I THOUGHT I HEARD that Bruce/Hulk was KILLED During Civil War 2 Or Something? Captain Marvel, just because she's Gotten Popular XD! I THOUGHT THAT WAS ROBBIE REYES!!!!!! HE LOOKS EPIC!!!!!!!!!! :) Guess he Got a MAJOR UPGRADE TO AVENGERS STATUS LOL!! Like Seriously, the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider at Avengers Status= AWESOMETACULAR!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    IKR!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!? O_________________O I GUESS IT HELPS THEY DIDN'T WRITE THIS FILM!!! Can I just say the First Trailer SUCKED *SS UNTIL THE LAST JOKE!! And then the 2nd Trailer was SHOCKINGLY NOT BAD!! But WOW!! This is a SERIOUS WOW here today.

    Anything been Happening as of Late?

    Oh and I'm like SOOOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW ABOUT this Film Getting AMAZING Reviews Right Now! :) Was in My Top 6 MOST ANCTIPATED of the Year! :) https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/annihilation Alex Garland, Writer of 28 Days Later, AND Dredd, and Writer-Director of Ex Machina, the Film that put Alicia "Tomb Raider" Vikander On the Map, and was On Jeremy's BEST of 2015 List. :) This Looked SOOOOO INTRIGUING to Me! :)
    When U have Time, can U TRY to Respond to MOST of the Stuff I had Made? Since I kinda STILL DON'T KNOW WHO Chamber is XD.

    OH WOW!!! O________O THAT TEAM LOOKS EPIC!!!!!! O______O What is is this, a Soft Reboot? Since I GUESS we have Male Thor Again, since NO SIGN of Lady Thor, XD. and Cap is NO LONGER some UNDERCOVER NAZI Agent LOL! Which Ghost Rider is That? And... WHO THE HELL IS ABOVE Ghost Rider LOL!??!?!?! Looks like if Doctor Strange was TRAPPED on Sacarr XD.

    Well... the Vacation Writers New Film is... SHOCKINGLY GOOD!!! O_______O 89%!!!!!!!! https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/game_night_2018/
    Oh God, I Kinda FORGOT U Saw that Film! I think Gave it an A- Originally or something Like that, I'll See it Again to Give a Proper Grade. I guess the One DOWNSIDE from the Aftrmath of the Film I Found a little UNFAIR was that EVERYONE WAS GIVING THE PRAISE TO Coogler, Michael B. Jordan, AND Stallone, and Honestly... I thought Tessa Thompson was ROBBED from some of the GREAT DISCUSSIONS of the Film! She was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD in this! Like if it WASN'T for this Film IMO, SHE WOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN VALKYRIE! I REALLY DON'T THINK she would Have Gotten Valkyrie for Thor: Ragnarok if it WASN'T for this Film IMHO. But Yes, SOOOOOO HAPPY for Another Film! :) Ryan Coogler was TOO BUSY for Black Panther and Other Stuff. For the LONGEST TIME it was Announced Stallone would Return and Direct a Rocky Film Again, but Until December, OUT OF NOWHERE, they had Announced some Unknown Guy/Director would Direct the Sequel.

    Ok for a SM Anime Update. While We Wait for Another Ultra Beast and Poipole Episode! :) Last Week was a Team Rocket Episode, and the FUNNY THING is, is that the End Result was that Matory, Giovanni's Secretary Ended Up Getting an Alolan Meowth LOL!!! And Now This Week is Litten Evolving! :) And I think it will Interest U I think. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTF3ItP2W7w
    PFF, LOL, AGREED! Like DC in a DESPERATE EFFORT would TRY to do this, XD. But Agreed, BIG DEAL!!! And Now a Big Update from the Sunday Numbers, Got an EXTRA 9 Million Or So, so it Made About $201, the 5TH Film to EVER BREAK $200 Million in a Single Weekend. And for the 4 Day it was like 235 :) U Said U were Going to Go See this This Week Right? :)

    Wait, I'm Sorry Here, but WHO THE HELL IS CHAMBER LOL!??!?!?!?!?! Like Who The Hell Is Chamber? NEVER HEARD of this Person. XD.

    Ok MAYBE it's Somewhat True, I think it would have Been Nice for a SMALL Time Jump, but eh, Ok, it's what Disney and Brad Bird Decided On. I Mean, we have Formulaic Films ALL THE TIME!! But I think this Film will still be Good. :)

    Oh, and Who would be these Other 10 X-Men Characters? XD! But Grace's Points were ACTUALLY GOOD Here IMO!! O______O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKyl-HJ19aQ Ok MINUS the SLIGHT Female Comment On Miller to a CERTAIN EXTENT!

    IKR!?!?!??!?! XD! :) What did U think of the Theater Scene when EVERYONE WAS Watching The Room at the Theater? :)
    IT BEAT IT!! IT DID BEAT AGE OF ULTRON!!!!!!!!! O________O JUST LOOKED IT UP!!!!!! BEAT IT BY 2 MILLION!!!!!!!!!! http://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/chart/ O__________________________________O And Dude... IT BROKE SOOOOOOOOO MANY *UCKING RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!! O________O LIKE NO JOKE!!! O______O And Now the BIG Question is LOL... CAN INFINITY WAR GO EVEN BIGGER THEN THIS LOL!!!!!!!! O__________________O Infinity has BIG SHOES to Fill In! And Also... Let's See if this Success can REPEAT FOR NEXT YEAR'S EARLY RELEASE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL!!!!!! CAN Captain Marvel Repeat the SAME SUCCESS WITH BEING THE FIRST SOLO FEMALE SUPERHERO FILM IN THE MCU!!!!!!!! First Female Solo One (NOT COUNTING Ant-Man And The Wasp) will be a BIG DEAL!!!

    Ah I See Now. I'll HAVE to Find Designs at some point. I'm SURE THERE WERE Hits And Misses for the Designs, but EVERYTHING CAN HAVE HIT OR MISS DESIGNS LOL!!!

    Basically Calling that his Ideas SO FAR/THUS FAR! Are Like Weak, it's just Swapped Roles now that Elasti Girl has been Duped Now, and Bob Stayes Home. And Bringing Up his Live Action Work having Set him back, NAMELY Tomorrowland! I LIKED Tomorrowland for what it was! SO NO NEED to Bring Up CRAP like that here, THIS IS ANIMATION!!!!!!!! NOT LIVE ACTION!!!!!!!!

    How do U Feel for a Kitty Pride Film? Unnecessary, or just like "Eh, Don't Care. Could be Good."?

    Oh, and did U See My Link to Disaster Artist Post Credits Scene Comment? :)

    And Now the 2ND Michael B. Jordan Film to be EXCITED for This Year! :) https://www.instagram.com/p/BfTuSRtjyt6/
    Well... Black Panther is Now On the Verge of Making $185-$200 Million DOMESTICALLY!!!!!!!!! O____________O
    Which Ones did U Agree and Disagree with? The One I was Indifferent to was Inhumans, like it was... Bleh, AT BEST, but... I NEVER ONCE SAID I HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT THAT *UCKING BAD!!!!!!!! LIKE NUMBER 2!? *UCKING REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!??! I wouldn't know sadly so I can't say XD.

    YEP!! SAMUEL L. MOTHER*UCKING JACKSON!!!!!!!!!! :) Looked Fun! :) 14 Years Dude, 14 YEARS!!!!!!!!! Looked Good, Grace is TOO MEAN to Brad Bird.

    Ok, I'll Go Over Black Panther More in a while, but Stanouts: Lupita Nyong'o and Andy Serkis! Scene stealer... Winston Duke as M'Baku! :)
    Understandable. Again, I... I DESPERATLY NEED TO SEE THE RAIMI FILMS AGAIN LOL!! Like it Probably would be Wise Of Me to DESPERATELY See the Raimi Films since I'm Getting Better at Knowing Spider-Man, don't Remember James Franco Very Well as Harry Osborn so Yeah. But I'm Sure in Other Mediums, HE HATES SPIDER-MAN! XD.
    Puts On Shades. :) YEP!! Seeing it Tomorrow, NO SPOILERS but... CELEBRATE COME ON!! IT'S A CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!! My Lips will be Sealed, NO SPOILERS! I will Give my General Thoughts, Standouts, and Grade. :) Gonna Be Quite A Fun Night! :)

    IKR!? He was like the BEST PART of Fan4stic! And from the First 8 Episodes of Season 1 I Saw, I Remember him Showing Up 2-3 Times LOL! I BET it is Hard. It's Gonna be a little Hard to Go and Sit through his Scenes because he's Gone Now :( GREAT ACTOR from the Work I Saw him in.

    Ah Oh Ok I see Then, I guess it's COMPLICATED and... NOT VERY GOOD LOL!!? XD.

    O___O Marvel AND DC Person, Interesting! Sure Sounds Talented if this Guy Got John Constantine AND Punisher Titles Out There!! O__O

    Oh I See Now, I haven't Seen ALL of his Directed Films, but he Seems Good, American Sniper was Pretty Good, LOVED Sully, and this Film... not bad, but FAR from WORST of the Year Material. Somepoint GOTTA Catch Up on Eastwood CLASSICS, Non-Directing and Directing Ones.

    "OH HAI JAMES!" :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK_Ytws9Xto

    Ok... Until U had Said... I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT HULK LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! And LOL Yes, I Said this to a Friend Yesterday, MOST of the Guardians Made The Cut LOL! SORRY DRAX! And I think the ONLY REASON Rocket and Teen Groot are there is IS JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE POPULAR!! Star-Lord is there because... he's Star-Lord AND Chris Pratt, and Gamora MAKES SENSE because she's an Adopted Daughter of Thanos.

    Ok Short Story Short, Kitty Pride Film in the Works, Tim Miller (Deadpool 1 Director) and Brian Michael Bendis are Associated with the Film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKyl-HJ19aQ
    Well In Other News Now. :) Thursday Night I;m Going to Black Panther!!! :0 NOT IMAX Screen, but still a VERY GOOD SCREEN that IS BIG ENOUGH!! :) Know when Ur Gonna Go See the Film? :)

    With some SAD NEWS!! :( House Of Cards AND Fan4stic Star Reg E. Cathy has Died Last Week :/ DAMN SHAME!!! He was REALLY GOOD and TALENTED! And this will be his Final Role. HOPE IT ENDS ON A GOOD NOTE! :( https://mcuexchange.com/reg-e-cathey-luke-cage-season-2/
    What's that 2nd Name U Named After X-Force? But Yeah, these Guys Seemed like SERIOUS C LEVEL PEOPLE LOL!!!!!!!!! Like NEVER HEARD OF THEM LOL!!!

    O___O Ok then! Yep, Looks ike it's Harry Here, but Man... I *UCKING HATE THIS VERSION OF HARRY OSBORN!!!!!!! HE'S SUCH A *UCKING DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like DON'T KNOW if he like HATE HATED Spider-Man in Other Mediums, but think he's a COMPLETE MENACE!

    Oh Sweet. :) That's Cool. Like Who'm?

    Yep! Speedster now Joining!! :)

    That's Fine. DON'T LIKE his Politics? Style of Filmmaking?

    HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!! :) As I Said, it's in My Personal FAVORITE Comedies Of All Time! :) NOT SURE IF U QUITE KNEW, but... there IS a Post-Credits Scene LOL!!

    Oh and... BETTER CUE Avengers Theme!!! :) https://i0.wp.com/mcuexchange.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/infinity-war.jpg?resize=726%2C1024&ssl=1 https://mcuexchange.com/new-avengers-infinity-war-promo-poster/
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