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  • Serena = the new Tracy?

    Honestly though, was Tracy that bad? I grew up with OS and I was ok with Tracy as a character. I thought he was cool for being able to judge a pokemon's health by merely looking at them.
    They also say BW runs its humor through the ground, what about other series with the ear pulling/dragging away? Or when Team Rocket blasted off over and over? None of that was funny, just tedious.

    I find it funny how he scans all these Pokemon he's seen before, but not Ho-oh.
    In general, people seem to give BW complaints, for stuff other sagas did as well.

    Stuff like the pokemon having no development happened just as much with the one-episode captures in Kanto.

    Funny you should mention Ho-oh, you would think Ash would have Scanned it by Now XD
    Yeah, I'm glad you don't mindlessly hate BW either. Most of the reasons people hate it are for things that apply to other series. People say constantly that the Ash-Zekrom connection amounted to nothing - what about Ash and Ho-oh?
    Hello phanpycross, I will look forward to speaking/debating with you on the forums.
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