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Recent content by Phanta

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    Turbulent Waters [Pokéshipping, Handymanshipping; PG-13]

    Verrrrrry amazing. I'm a big fan of Pokéshipping! This Handymanshipping is very interesting too, I must say. I do kind of find it weird, because Daisy is the oldest of the sisters, I think, and I'm pretty sure Tracey's only a year or two older than Misty. So, I see a big gap in the ages, but I...
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    xxxHolic & Tsubasa Chronicles.

    Oh my gawwwd. I love the Tsubasa chronicles! xxxHolic is pretty good too, but I much prefer Tsubasa. I just finished volume 11 :'D What are your favorite shippings in xxxHolic and Tsubasa? Just Sakura and Syaoran, really. I see you are all talking about real Syaoran and clone Syaoran, but I...
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    Hey there C: I'm new.

    Hey everyone! I'm new here :] I've only been here for about a week, and I really like the site! There's so many people with the same interests as me. I'm practically obsessing over Pokéshipping, Questshipping, and Rocketshipping. I always explore those kind of threads. I also found a helpful...
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    Questshipping General Discussion

    You're making me want to write a fanfic now x.x I could see how this could confuse you. This took place in the scene where Jimmy was trying to pull this "I don't care" attitude, where everything Marina said, Jimmy would be like "not really, whatever, stop talking to me, I don't care." I...
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    Questshipping General Discussion

    Hello! =D Ohhh my goodness, Questshipping. Where to begin? I feel like this is one of the most obvious ships. I mean, yeah, there were a few episodes of Jimmy and Marina in Johto, I think, but their love is most famous in the Pokémon Chronicles episodes "Legend of Thunder." Now, there were only...