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  • That's his attitude and he won't listen to anyone. Believe me. Just report him or ignore him, no need for any argument as he only swears and gives you a lot of nonsense sentences XD
    w/e cry baby learn to shut ur mouth I do it my way = I have stop this little arguement cause ur a kid who isn't get their way/what they want and just has to cry about so just leave it.
    I do my stuff my way u do it ur way and leave it or maybe u getting off this site would work if ppl like me annoy u, I am listing what I got, I will not learn useless code to just add in drop down menus on my posts.
    Seems like that RazorClaw99 continues his method on this forum as well and I guess you start to feel he is annoying. Don't you?
    wow u must be one lazy *** worker never a go getter I am working on getting the pokemon through working my *** off for it, there is no rule that sataes that ur only allowed one post per day in the forums here so deal with it, any good OP will get to ur post or point it out that they missed it if it's that importnant.
    I certainly wouldn't mind a cloner. If you want, I can send you a non-shiny to clone, just to check if you're legit or not
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